How Blumenthal lied, yet survived

From the Huffington Post. The real answer is, the Demmerkrats are desperate to hold onto their Senate seat and will forgive anyone, even a lying coward like Blumenthal, anything, so long as he wins.


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3 responses to “How Blumenthal lied, yet survived

  1. Anonymous

    My favorite line from this article:

    “Perhaps the most beneficial factor for Blumenthal, however, was a press corps that was actively interested in reporting the original story’s shortcomings. The Connecticut press, for one, felt it knew its AG better. National political bloggers, meanwhile, weren’t willing to give the Times ipso facto treatment. Indeed, without much of a public effort, Democrats were able to shift attention away from Blumenthal and onto his opponent and the nation’s most respected paper. “

  2. Peg

    Some of us have standards and values – and some do not.

    Sadly, those of us with values are too often getting utterly screwed by the “not” crowd.

  3. w b h

    “…nation’s most respected paper….” Ha.

    So often I wish I still subscribed to the Times so I could cancel my subscription. They lie and make up stories. (Jason Blair/Howell Raines)

    Treasonous. Blabbing about terrorist funding program.

    Little Pinch — who’s there by accident of birth — pays himself $6mm while the workers have to take pay cuts.

    And then in a recent self-serving story, its president says the paper is holding its own against Murdoch’s WSJ. I don’t believe it.