Ugliest woman in America tells Jews “go home to Germany”

I wonder if Helen Thomas can remember (a) to change her Depends and (b) what happened to the Jews the last time they were “at home”.

I respectfully disagree with you, Greenwich Gal


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20 responses to “Ugliest woman in America tells Jews “go home to Germany”

  1. The resurrection of Yasser Arafat?

  2. Or, lipstick on a pig.

  3. Jack Martin

    She told the truth.

  4. Anonymous

    imagine the uproar if it was suggested to two of American liberal’s favorite protected classes, that they return to:
    – Africa
    – the non-Israeli Middle East

  5. Anonymous

    Would rather have all of Israel’s Jews allowed to legally immigrate into US, rather than illegals from Mexico or al-Qaeda countries

    Ultimately cheaper to pay unemployed, unskilled legal residents to clean toilets and drive cabs…at least the ones who don’t get 6-figure government “make-work” jobs

  6. Old Coot

    What Anonymous said @ 3:16.

  7. Greenwich Gal

    If Helen Thomas was just some old guy you all would not be howling about her looks. She’s an old woman for God’s sake, so complain about her ideas not her looks, all you Sexist Neanderthal Pigs.

  8. Peg

    Here is what I love about Helen Thomas. No better representative in all respects to show the world the ugly face (literally and figuratively) of the “hate Israel” crowd.

    The relatives of mine that escaped the ovens of Germany and Poland are not going back. When they said “never again” – they meant it.

  9. She’s an ugly, senile old fool. I see no reason to leave out the ugly bit – Dan Schoor is just as old, just as senile, and he’s ugly too! (If that makes you feel better)

  10. Old School Grump

    Must be a really slow news day for you to surf “RabbiLIVE.”

    Must be a really really slow news day for RabbiLIVE to focus on such an alter kocker as Helen Thomas.

    Oh, wait, actually, that’s wrong; supporters of Israel may be feeling a need to demonize someone, anyone, to create a distraction.

    • As far as I can tell, Old School, they just posted a video of her saying what she said. If there’s any “demonizing” going on here, the alter kocker (had to look that up – love it!) is doing it herself.

  11. New Buyer

    I am not going to make apologies for her wacky comments. However, we also have no context. I watched the video twice & she clearly is talking about Palestine. It does not appear that she was talking about Jews in Israel proper “returning back home,” but rather new immigrants building new settlements in Palestine (who are often from the US, Poland & Russia). The problem is there is no way to know. I searched over a 15 websites trying to get a full version, not just a clip. I got zip. I could not find the question, a full context, or a follow-up discussion anywhere. Also not found? A news organization that asked Thomas for a quote or explanation. (She herself posted an apology on her website). One rabbi posted a clip, it went viral, and no actual “journalism” ever occurred. That to me is 10x more alarming that some kooky old-lady shooting her mouth off.

    • I think it’s entirely self-explanatory, New Buyer. “Where should the Jews go” “Home to Germany”. She’s not talking about settlers on the East Bank, she’s talking about everyone.

  12. Kidding Really??

    The good news is we live in a country where freedom of speech is still allowed for the most part. More good news is we can also never buy a newspaper this woman writes for as our choice. She has her opinions – right or wrong. The bad news the media would never attack this woman with what she said but if Rush Limbaugh or another conservative said something similar the media would attack them to no end.

    Helen Thomas should resign not because of this alone but she parades as a journalist that is impartial.

    Lastly if any guy takes too many viagra look her up on google images and you’ll be ok.

  13. Walt

    Dude –
    Isn’t she a member of the White House Press Corpse?
    Your Pal,

  14. Greenwich Gal

    Who is that really hirsute fella, you?

  15. You mentioned “all you Sexist Neanderthal Pigs”, GG, so I looked up “Neanderthal” in Google images and by gosh, discovered a (very) old portrait of me! Good call.