Have a little faith in nature’s ability to adapt

Coral reefs grow higher as sea levels rise.

Kench said it had been assumed that islands would “sit there and drown” as sea levels rose. But as the sea rises, the islands respond.

“They’re not all growing, they’re changing. They’ve always changed … but the consistency [with which] some of them have grown is a little surprising,” he said.


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3 responses to “Have a little faith in nature’s ability to adapt

  1. pulled up in OG

    Sea level rises in Pacific but not Ole’s Creek . . . you just proved the earth isn’t round. : )

  2. Island Surveyor

    Actually, it rises more than it falls. You might consider Repetto’s article cited below:

    New York City building codes are 40 years old.With respect to wind damages, they
    require only protection up to 110mph winds, though more intense hurricanes could
    result in wind speeds up to 135 mph.With respect to flooding, they rely on 1983 flood
    maps corresponding to a Category I hurricane and are based on historical data. Even
    the newer replacement maps adopted in late 2007, with enlarged flood zones, are still
    based only on historical data, and not on climate change modeling data.