Politics vs. doing something

Obama has sicced the Justice Department on BP, thereby pulling BP’s executives and its best technicians off the job, and has been seen on television stamping his foot on the sand and looking “concerned”. In the meantime, BP seems to be trying its best to shut down the well. With luck, BP will succeed despite Obama’s efforts.


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4 responses to “Politics vs. doing something

  1. Anonymous

    Sounds like BP pulled a Lehman/Bear/Merrill: lots of poor risk management in an inherently risky business

    Community organizers say whatever: easy to opine and profess furor when one has never had a real job nor run a real business, let alone placed risk/reward bets in a competitive, technical industry

  2. Last Liberal Standing

    Yes, BP has behaved splendidly throughout this crisis. The government is entirely to blame for what happened. Obama probably CAUSED the mishap, though it may take a little time to work out a full rationalization.

    Once again, free enterprise has been hampered in its never-ending efforts to make this a better world. Damn the government! Damn the Democrats! Damn those who meddle with corporate freedom!

    “Still a man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.” (Paul Simon)

  3. Anonymous

    There is, after all, an important election coming up this November.

    I’m no Obama fan, but he is being pushed into this stance by the media: by columnists like Maureen Dowd, Frank Rich, Megan McArdle, etc. who have been howling about BP’s sinister motives, as they see it, as well as Obama’s lack of a public emotional display and by reporters demanding an account from Robert Gibbs that Obama is at least exhibiting private outrage. A constant barrage of these sorts of things from the yahoo wing of the press.

    We are now reaping what these clowns have sown.

  4. Priapus

    Pound sand. Perfect.