The end of Detroit

Read this WSJ article on the breakdown of civilization in Detroit. If it’s only available to subscribers, then try this link. But read it.


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7 responses to “The end of Detroit

  1. greenmtnpunter

    Amazing story. As we all know, it is the hard working Johnette Barnham’s of this world who are being failed by government. She didn’t need welfare or subsides; she needed more stable families to move into the neighborhood. But government did not, could not provide essential law and order, the first duty of all government, at all levels.This woman was doing the right thing, against all odds, and yet it was the destroyers who somehow received the “credit”. Our civilization is being turned upside down, it needs to be uprighted soon.

  2. greenmtnpunter

    The worst part of the Johnette Barnham story is that her success is anti-thetical to the so-called “civil rights” extortionists, in league with their media allies, who rule public policy at all levels. They know that the Johnette Barnham’s of this world don’t need their pathetic pandering and handouts to succeed in life. The race hustlers need their blind followers to stay “on the plantation” in order to have control and retain their corrupt political power. We just don’t hear about the Johnette Barnham’s trying to do the right thing.

  3. out looking in

    it broke down a long, long time ago

  4. Fred2

    Funnily enough Detroit has had decades of caring democratic leadership, so how can this be?

    And let’s be real, this is a GOOD neighbourhood in detroit. There are whole neighbourhoods, once vibrant and urban that are now simply grass & holes bisected by roads and poles with no wiring left. They started like the neighbourhhod described, were slowly abandoned, taken over by the lowlifes, stripped, arsoned, and then bulldozed.

  5. Retired IB'er

    Speaking of high end real estate (how is that for a non sequiter), the following organization puts out weekly charts on high end market in US and in certain cities:

  6. john

    I wondor if Al Sharpton will be commenting on this post….

  7. cos cobber

    for 5000 years cities have risen and fallen and vanished. why in our modern times would this process stop? it doesnt..we all vote with our feet. things change, time moves on and thus cities fade.

    i blame the woes of upper midwest on Air Conditioning. with cheap AC easy to add to any home or office in the south, why stay north?