WFUV’s Pete Fornatale is God

If you aren’t listening to Fornatale’s show on Saturdays,90.7, , 4 – 8 pm, you are missing out on the best show on radio.

The man is a genius, weaving songs together that all unite and lead from one to the other and he’s been doing it since 1964. Treat yourself. Here’s just one song he’s played today, which I think sums up the essential ingredient for all successful relationships; when it fails, the relationship dies; when it stands, people flower.

UPDATE: Weird: someone has captured this song, and I cant add a video. Try this link: it ain’t great, but will suffice.


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5 responses to “WFUV’s Pete Fornatale is God

  1. My rant

    Fornatale has always been a great listen. I remember him in the 1970’s on WNEW 102.7 FM. Muni, Elsas, etc. were also great.

  2. Old School Grump

    Yet another reason to love the internet: Caught part of yesterday’s show, through the free Public Radio iPhone app, while walking the dog in my neighborhood, several hours west of the Mississippi.

    The topic was 1967, and the music ranged from the Doors to Paul Revere and the Raiders.

    But beyond the thoughtful guided history tours, listen to WFUV if you want exposure to new music that you’ll like!

  3. Sound Beacher

    WNEW the greatest radio station ever! Remember Allison Steel, the night bird? and Pat St. John, he’s now on 101.1. The sound track of our younger years came from that station.

  4. Mr. Independent

    Fornatale’s show is great, as is that of Vin Scelsa, whose always original “Idiots Delight,” program follows Fornatale’s Saturday night show on WFUV.

    Then there is Jonathan Schwartz’s program on Saturdays and Sundays between 12 and 4 PM on WNYC-FM—93.9. Schwartz plays Sinatra and his contemporaries, and also introduces great new music and performers as well.

    By coincidence, or maybe not, the three of them are WNEW-FM alums, who also have programs on XM Sirrius satellite as well.