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Profiles in courage

To avoid voter rage, Democrat candidates avoid town hall meetings.


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D Day

I was reflecting on this this morning, as I had a cup of coffee at dawn, at peace on my deck overlooking the water. Sixty-six years ago – the soldiers interviewed here are now in their late 80’s – they were twenty-year-old kids this day, back then. Good God.


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Out of work and job searching? You’re screwed

“Unemployed need not apply”. Geeze, they can’t all be Irish, can they?


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The NYT can’t figure it out

They editorialize today on the need for Medicaid reform and seem to think that what’s called for is an end to “unnecessary tests”.

There will likely be no real solution until the American health care system moves away from unfettered fee-for-service payments that encourage doctors to perform unnecessary and costly tests and procedures and pays them instead for better management of a patient’s care over time.

If they’d read their own damn paper, the editors might figure out that it’s not unnecessary tests that are bankrupting the country, it’s fat poor people breeding and, frankly, living, all while demanding that we save their lives.

Five foot, 216 lb unemployed, unmarried, 38-year-old Patricia Garcia with her 1 lb, 11 0z son. $300,000 and counting.

The fatso depicted below is only 38, and I’d guess she’ll cost  taxpayers a few million bucks before she shuffles into that great lard pool in the sky. Her preemie will add millions more and, no doubt,neither will work a day in their lives (Miss Garcia is a “former school bus dispatcher” so I suppose she could decide to return to that taxpayer-funded occupation, but I’m guessing she won’t bother – why should she?).


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Oh, how I miss Tony Snow

Taken from us far, far too soon. Here he is with that impartial, objective Jew hater, Helen Thomas.


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This must have been an easy bust

From GT police blotter:

– Ron Manimtim, 21, of 109 Weed Hill Ave., was arrested and charged Thursday with possession of marijuana. He was released on a promise to appear.

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Hugs and kisses

From a British article on mass murderers comes this amusing anecdote.

The spree killer is a statistical anomaly in that he acts alone and not in a group, and in so doing upsets our view of ourselves as peaceable and civilised. We have an infinite gift for self-deception: we like to call our armies peace-keepers while sending them out to kill in our name.

A young Army officer wounded in Afghanistan and on leave told me a story a few months back. He and his men arrived back at base, exhausted and grimy from a mission, to be greeted by a Labour MP on a PR tour. “What have you lads been doing?” she asked. “I expect you’ve been digging wells for the villagers.”

“No, ma’am,” he said and, after a pause as he searched vainly for some point of common understanding, came the reply: “We’ve been killing them.”


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Here’s a spot of good news this Sunday morning

The BP dome collection rate has been increased to 10,000 gallons barrels of oil a day and they’re hoping to bump that up to 90% soon. Obviously that’s not a permanent solution but after so many failures over so many weeks, progress is welcome.

UPDATE: from Harrison Schmitt, retired senator, former moon-walking astronaut and geologist:

It has been left to BP engineers and managers and to Gulf state officials to respond as best they can in a regulatory environment that is politically charged, incompetent, fearful, and hesitant. Rather than allowing BP to stay focused only on solving the problems of the spill, Attorney General Holder now has launched a civil and criminal investigation!  And let’s then follow with sending an unsupported bill to BP for $69 billion! For good measure, lets also stop offshore oil exploration by the United States. How misguided (or ignorant and devious) can our president be!


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