Hugs and kisses

From a British article on mass murderers comes this amusing anecdote.

The spree killer is a statistical anomaly in that he acts alone and not in a group, and in so doing upsets our view of ourselves as peaceable and civilised. We have an infinite gift for self-deception: we like to call our armies peace-keepers while sending them out to kill in our name.

A young Army officer wounded in Afghanistan and on leave told me a story a few months back. He and his men arrived back at base, exhausted and grimy from a mission, to be greeted by a Labour MP on a PR tour. “What have you lads been doing?” she asked. “I expect you’ve been digging wells for the villagers.”

“No, ma’am,” he said and, after a pause as he searched vainly for some point of common understanding, came the reply: “We’ve been killing them.”


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2 responses to “Hugs and kisses

  1. Anonymous

    June 6, 1944.

    If you can make the time, and there is an appropriate context, try and tell a youngster about the day. A time when Americans weren’t afraid and trapped by political correctness and moral relativism to recognize evil for what it is and fight it.

    Remind the youngsters that our freedom was not secured by some narcissistic, bloviating, lying community organizer speechifying about “smart diplomacy.” Our freedom was secured by brave American men who fought, died, but mostly killed the enemy.

    This is an important and essential story of the American tribe. Socialist revisionism may keep it out of the schools. But we can still keep the story alive in our hearts and our homes.

  2. That article is a classic desperate attempt by a liberal to deconstruct ” Evil” into a treatable sickness, thereby removing moral accountability for ones actions…, “too much for one poor human to bear.” Well, actually, they’re right, it is too much to bear, and that’s why we need Christ to bear it for us, so we can actually live moral lives from the inside out. It’s an amazing gift, utterly needed and currently being denied the young, and thus all the self loathing..