Out of work and job searching? You’re screwed

“Unemployed need not apply”. Geeze, they can’t all be Irish, can they?


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4 responses to “Out of work and job searching? You’re screwed

  1. Anonymous

    Long-term unemployed tend to be as such for good reasons apparent to any profitable, efficiently-run employer…like much of BigTech which continually lays off weak workers, outsources/offshores, yet generates billions in profits and wealth for shareholders (who include many, many employees in CA, the horror)

    Need to find the chronically un/underemployed some $100K+/yr unionized jobs as bus/subway drivers or some such “green” jobs financed by taxpayers and created by the community organizer-in-chief who’s declared war on BigFinance, BigTech, BigOil…but wants more US jobs created and more taxes, dammit

  2. Priapus

    Census worker. It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure. We drink more coffee before 9am than most people drink all day.

  3. anonymous2

    Take this to its logical conclusion and unemployment will never fall and newly-minted college graduates will never get jobs.

    That’s not a recipe for economic recovery or expansion, but it is a recipe for death-by-economics for the Dear Leader’s regime.

    Which would you rather have: a job, or your freedom back?

  4. IDAHO

    It was an adventure in the woods of Idaho!!!