Profiles in courage

To avoid voter rage, Democrat candidates avoid town hall meetings.


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6 responses to “Profiles in courage

  1. Last Liberal Standing

    “Courage” would involve what? Inviting outraged Tea Party folks to shout, yell, holler, scream, harangue, bloviate, insult, calumniate, and declaim? How does that constitute courage? or good sense?

    When a town meeting can be civil, have it. Otherwise, don’t.

    • You are so right, LLS – so now our elected sip white wine and gnaw on brie with carefully- screened backers at private fundraisers where they can trade favors and make secret deals. Democracy is sooo messy -” it is better this way”, to quote Dr. Zhivago.

  2. Anonymous

    Alleged “rage” means nothing
    Voters need to fire the commies in Nov and the community organizer-in-chief in ’12

  3. Anonymous

    the liberal hypocrisy of the looters and moochers. it’s ok to have code pink extremists screaming. it’s ok to make movies about assassinations. it’s ok to stage protests calling for selective enforcement of laws for liberal’s favorite protected groups. it’s ok to hang in effigy. it’s ok to have protests.

    but if the productive people who are having their hard-earned money stolen by big government and special interests complain it’s undemocratic?

    liberals are lying hypocrites.

  4. The Times’ readers’ comments to this article are both scary and hilarious. A typical example:

    “Brilliant! At last some have figured out that no one with half a brain cares what those ignorant loud mouths say.

    Let’s move on.”

    Not caring what the “ignorant” voters think is just what the Republicans tried in 2005-2006 before they lost control of Congress. But what do I know? I’m just one of those ignorant loud-mouthed voters.

  5. just_looking

    @Anon (7:07) – I still cannot understand why this is not widely known, believed and fixed. Please keep reminding everyone of this, maybe, just maybe, it will begin to sink in. I hope that it does.