The NYT can’t figure it out

They editorialize today on the need for Medicaid reform and seem to think that what’s called for is an end to “unnecessary tests”.

There will likely be no real solution until the American health care system moves away from unfettered fee-for-service payments that encourage doctors to perform unnecessary and costly tests and procedures and pays them instead for better management of a patient’s care over time.

If they’d read their own damn paper, the editors might figure out that it’s not unnecessary tests that are bankrupting the country, it’s fat poor people breeding and, frankly, living, all while demanding that we save their lives.

Five foot, 216 lb unemployed, unmarried, 38-year-old Patricia Garcia with her 1 lb, 11 0z son. $300,000 and counting.

The fatso depicted below is only 38, and I’d guess she’ll cost  taxpayers a few million bucks before she shuffles into that great lard pool in the sky. Her preemie will add millions more and, no doubt,neither will work a day in their lives (Miss Garcia is a “former school bus dispatcher” so I suppose she could decide to return to that taxpayer-funded occupation, but I’m guessing she won’t bother – why should she?).


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11 responses to “The NYT can’t figure it out

  1. Peg

    Our entire nation seems to have trouble understanding that returning personal responsibility to our society is the only answer.

    Until and unless people find themselves responsible for their own lives and suffer the repercussions of lousy behavior, then the lousy behavior will continue unabated. Why should people take the tough road of reforming themselves when society – over and over and over again – saves them from themselves?

    Would a return to personal responsibility save everyone? Hell no. It would, however, save some. And it would save the rest of us for having to continually save the rear ends of those who contribute little or nothing to society, while being enormous burdens on those of us who put forth good efforts.

  2. Anonymous

    Yeah, but McDonalds, Coke, Kraft, and JNJ (and rest of pharma/devices cos.) depend on more taxpayer-subsidized obesity to support their EPS growth….modern version of tobacco industry

    Much as retailing, tourism, entertainment, housing, autos, and credit card industries depend on a non-saving, overleveraged consumer…and taxpayer subsidies of various forms…corporate welfare and sovereign Ponzi schemes exist everywhere

  3. InfoDiva

    Chris, you’ve described a problem, but what’s the libertarian solution here?

  4. Byte

    Peg has it right. It’s time we started talking about civil obligations, whenever we talk about civil rights.

  5. I hear Dad’s fiscal Calvinist, commonsense echoing through all this, ( pay cash, balance your books, live within your means, “neither borrower nor lender be”…) and adages like” don’t spend the capital” That whole perspective on money has been corroded and made unfashionable and we will pay the price…

  6. Anonymous

    go Peg!

  7. IDAHO

    Right on Peg!!!

  8. duff

    Amen Peg.

  9. cos cobber

    nice job peg.

    the republicans could win with peg’s message. rather than shout ‘tax cuts’ and ‘big government’ I think they could appeal to a broader voter base with a message about ‘personal responsibility’
    that is what this country is hungry for.

  10. Peg

    Thanks, everybody. Just don’t make ME run for anything! (I happen to be of the opinion that you need a screw or two loose to be willing to sacrifice your life for high office – that, or have such an enormous drive for attention and the spotlight.)

    Anyway – from the time I was teensy, I had it drummed into my head that I was responsible for me. The more we wait for others to “save us” – the more frustrated we get, the less in control, our satisfaction is lower …. If we depend upon ourselves, we may fall short at times. At least, however, we can learn and try again and ultimately actually improve our own lives.

    Let me put it this way; how well is it all going waiting for those other guys to save us? 😦