A high-end contract

9 Pear Lane

This Belle haven house tried getting $12. 750 million a year or so ago, but no dice. It eventually dropped to $9.995, still not chump change, and has a contract today. That should encourage sellers, eh? Of course, if your house is in that price range and the buyers took this one, you lost.


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6 responses to “A high-end contract

  1. Anonymous

    Tom Seaver’s old home — right?

  2. Pete

    I don’t know about Tom Seaver owning this. I think he lived in Sabine Farm. But wasn’t this Sam Pryor’s at one time with his unsurpassed doll collection in one of the buildings?

  3. Yes, Sam Pryor once owned it, followed by Dr. Jim Smith, who put his fabulous collection of antique arcade games in it. He left bowls of pennies on each machine so that guests could play them all. They were eventually auctioned by Sotheby’s for very big bucks.

    The most recent owner was Terry Betteridge, who made “The Barn” over into a modern residence. It has a fair bit of land around it, I believe. I think $9 million or so is a fair price. It is a unique property in a unique neighborhood.

  4. Dr Smith

    Warning Will Robinson.

    Terry Betteridge owns this place now, plastic surgeon Dr Smith owned it before. Belle Haven was once a great neighborhood 40 years ago. now, not so.
    those ads of terry are so phoney and pretentious.