Coming your way

Arkansas’ 47,000 union members going all out to fight for their candidate. And no wonder – if anyone ever was going to need taxpayer-subsidized health care, it’s the gentleman pictured below.

Dialing for dollars at the union hall


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2 responses to “Coming your way

  1. Anonymous

    Looks like Boss Hog hard at work

  2. Hey, I live there now

    I’ve gotten three phone calls from Working America–all from out-of-state area codes, oh by the way–plus one doorbell-ringer who looked puzzled when I mentioned “card check.” (Dumb or disingenuous? Probably the latter.)

    National labor union interests are clearly “making an example” of Lincoln, but they’re cutting off their nose to spite their face. Whoever wins this primary goes up against R opponent John Boozman, who is attempting an upgrade from the House to the Senate. He is guaranteed to win the populous northwestern part of the state (Walmart country) regardless of his D opponent, but, if Halter turns out to be his D opponent, Boozman will also capture many votes that would have otherwise gone to Lincoln. So the union interests’ strategizing may well help elect … a Republican.
    (Please, no chortling with delight, Mr. Fountain.)

    Unlike many pundits, I don’t think Halter will win the runoff against Lincoln tomorrow. People who actually live here (as opposed to people who swoop in looking for a story or a political advising gig) are annoyed with Lincoln for a variety of reasons, but hey, if nothing else, she is chair of the Ag Committee, and this is a serious Ag state. Well, we’ll see.