A colleague who I am sure wishes to remain anonymous because, unlike me, he has the reputation of being a genuinely nice guy, alerts me to a new listing on Station Drive described as “located in Central Greenwich”. Hmm. It is true that, through a quirk of post office routing, Station Drive is technically across the street from the Cos Cob border, but this house is also located just steps away from the Cos Cob train station. You may call that “central Greenwich”. I’d call it convenient to transportation (I-95 is overhead, too) but not, perhaps, central.


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  1. cos cobber

    i cant help but think that its a missprint. i dont believe there are any homes that use station drive as an address. the three homes that do shoulder station drive have driveways off of Sachem and Loughlin.

    i havent seen the listing yet. feel free to post it if you can.

    • Well CC, I haven’t seen the listing yet but I know there was one on a year or so that used Station Drive as its address (number 3, perhaps?). It was in fact a very nice house, but got rented instead of sold. I’m thinking its lease is up and it’s back for sale. I’ll post it tomorrow.

  2. cos cobber

    Oh, right, I forgot about this little stretch parallel to the railroad. I was thinking this was call intrieri drive, but that beautiful name is limited to just the cul-du-sac.

  3. shoeless

    I saw one recently that boasted, “First time on the market in 17 years!” Which translated into, “The current owner hasn’t done squat to the place since the day they moved in!”

  4. cos cobber

    CF, you are correct, its 5 Station Drive. Same house that was on the market about a year ago. I dont understand this price of $1.725MM, its about $550k over whats realistic given its noisy location and the level of finishes used (I’m trying to be polite).

  5. Island Surveyor

    Cobber- Thanks for the great visuals.

    You inspired me to add a few of my own for the benefit of FWIW readers interested in the Cos Cob Power Plant Site Plan (read beyond the site plan for all the toxic details):

  6. cos cobber

    IS, thanks again for posting the site plan. Has this ever been published on the town website or by local newspapers? I dont recall ever seeing it and I have looked a few times. If you have it, I dont understand why its not more readily available.

    I like the plan very much. The high/low walking path is a great feature…more ambitious that I was thinking (more expensive too).

    I thought they have already remediated the surface soil areas for the flyash issue. I thought Flyash (aka coal ash) itself is not toxic, its just that in this case its laced with toxins (metals?) from over the years. I know its used as a filler in redi-mix concrete (how do you like your concrete foundation now people?). As I am sure you are aware, capping the existing contaminated soil is a perfectly sound solution in many circumstances. Nothing would have been built in northern NJ over the past two decades if 1 to 3 ft caps weren’t acceptable. For instance, much of Jersey City is contaminated with chromium and the solution acceptable to NJDEP is to remove the first 1 to 3 ft of soil and replace with certified clean fill. Sometimes they lay a vapor barrier too.

    Anywho, looks like a great plan, something to build incrementally in the next ten years when economy is ready.

  7. Island Surveyor

    The Site Plan is under First Selectman’s Press Announcements. It took me a couple of years to find it there. It has been revised, but not updated on the Town website to my knowledge.

    My advocacy is for more dredging and capping. I worked on the Bayonne NJ teamsters landfill capping, now know as Check it out.

    It is a pinnacle of capping technology – you barge in the toxic harbor silt, mix with equal parts of conrete and old barrels of really bad stuff, and form it all into 100 ft tall golf links rolling hills. (I swear I am not making this up, except the part where I found Jimmy Hoffa’s body in one of the barrels.)

    We could fix Cos Cob Harbor and channel. All of it. Instead, our non-existent harbor commission will have to get NY DEC permission to cap the same toxic fly-ash on the bottom of central Long Island Sound. Rots-of-ruck with that.

    So the harbor and channels will not be fixed until we face up to the dredge-and-cap project on this fabulous piece of $1 property we bought 23 years ago, with the promise to build 24 units of affordable housing after cleaning up the site.

    Remember you read it here first.

  8. Cos Cobber

    IS, what exactly is in the soil and the silt; arsnic and heavy metals? Has the town ever shared their Phase I evironmental site plan and Phase II reports?

    Again, I thought the land based contamination has been capped now (for about $3MM a couple yrs ago) with the tidal/harbor contaminants still in place.

  9. Island Surveyor


    At the moment, it would be better if you did the FOI request, including all payments to contractors for the project.

    It is my understanding that there was fly ash deposited at the Pomerance/Tuchman properties during the plant’s coal-burning years. It was recently part of the clean-up effort. The Bing photos this morning have the pre-clean-up conditions (look for the “brown fields”). This should get interesting.

    You might FOI State DEP about this too, since it was all the same material.