Spec house, rental, sale

1 Butternut Hollow

This place has been offered for sale since April, 2005, beginning at $5.895 million. I believe the builder has had a few tenants in there during the five years hence but he finally sold it yesterday for $3.7 million. Assessment is $3.561.


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3 responses to “Spec house, rental, sale

  1. Gideon Fountain

    In the front photo of this place, you will note that someone wisely added a 2nd floor “balcony” over the front door, thus improving the look of this place enormously. To show readers the difference, you should post an earlier photo along side the latest, to show the before/after.
    A good example of a smart architectural “tweak”.

  2. Gideon Fountain

    How does the Adobe company feel about you using their PhotoShop brand as a verb?