The NYT will surprise its readers once again today

Yet again, the print version of the Times has another story to spring on its readers: the resignation of Helen Thomas. What? What happened? That makes what, four? five stories just this past year that the Times has ignored for days and even weeks while they swirled around the Internet, only to have to er, cough-cough – finally report on someone’s resignation. If I were a Times reader, I might wonder why I couldn’t rely on it for news reporting until after the fact.


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4 responses to “The NYT will surprise its readers once again today

  1. Teri Buhl

    The NYT has really good writing – but always fails on timely business reporting and takes a blind eye to any free markets view points. They got the Bluementhal story right but that’s the best piece of original breaking news I’ve seen out of them all year.

  2. Peg

    It appears that the average Times’ reader doesn’t want “news reported.” They want opinions about the world, describing it as they wish it to be.

    Yesterday, a friend of mine told me about a liberal Jewish guy she had just met. He was ranting about how awful Israel is at treating those nice people who want to wipe it off the face of the earth (yeah, he didn’t quite phrase it like this.) Sure this fellow and his compatriots are quite satisfied with the Times and its current policy: “All the news that we FEEL is fit to print.”

  3. Anonymous

    NYT simply reflects Luddite, Gulfstream commie ethos of its Manhattan-based readers

    Will be fun to watch Old Media dinosaurs fade into irrelevance, much like their most loyal, often economically ignorant, readers

  4. Toke

    I think the Mad Comic book rendition was “all the News that Fits We Print”.

    Be that as it may, it took the Wall Street Journal an additional day to discover this breaking news story.