Democrats: Republican gubernatorial winners today are “already losers”

They’ve gone over to the Tea Party side and thus can’t win in November. There’s certainly an argument to be made there  – it’s possible that the voters really don’t want radical reform – but I think November will be an interesting month. Because, if the Democrats truly believe that more of the same is he key to success, one side or the other is going to be thoroughly trounced six moths from now.

Politico:  ‘DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE’ — The Democratic Governors Association will release a detailed memo Tuesday framing the day’s six gubernatorial primaries as contests that have severely weakened once-imposing Republican standard-bearers and undermined them as general election candidates. DGA executive director Nathan Daschle, writing under the header “Why today’s GOP winners are already losers,” argues that harsh Republican primaries have forced “candidates who wanted to run as moderates down the rabbit hole of the radical Tea Party right.” “What we’ve learned in this race for the base is that Meg Whitman really likes a border fence and insider stock deals at Goldman Sachs,” Daschle says, “that Terry Branstad needs Sarah Palin to burnish his conservative cred, and that Brian Sandoval is willing to alienate Latinos in his effort to appeal to conservatives and unglue himself from the largest tax increase in Nevada history.”

The memo runs — convincingly — through the ways Republicans have compromised themselves in races from California (“Whitman used former Gov. Pete Wilson – whose name is a four-letter word to most Latinos – as a surrogate in radio ads.”) to Maine (“The state’s Republican activists forced the candidates to take a rightward lurch when they voted overwhelming vote last month to adopt a Tea Party platform at the state Republican convention.”) Daschle’s takeaway, looking ahead to other primaries: “In states like Florida, Georgia and Wisconsin, expect the Tea Party phenomenon will dog candidates who would rather run general election campaigns. And the narrative they’ve laid out is the one that will haunt all of today’s winners until Nov. 2.”


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2 responses to “Democrats: Republican gubernatorial winners today are “already losers”

  1. pete

    The Dem’s plan worked real well in NJ and Virginia

  2. A lot of mainstream Republicans know that the tea party agenda is actually a bit different from theirs.

    It will be interesting to see whether these two factions will be able to work with each other when it comes right down to it.