Wag the dog

BP continues to work to contain and eventually stop the oil well mess, with the help of Exxon and Shell engineers, while our president, acting on the advice of his political aides, is trying desperately to look as though he’s tough and in charge. He wants to “kick ass”, he’s “keeping a boot on BP’s throat”, he’s filed criminal charges even before he knows what might have happened and now he says he’d fire BP’s chairman if the man worked for him. Well Obama does work for me, and I sure as hell look forward to firing him in 2012. A useless, little man.


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7 responses to “Wag the dog

  1. Anonymous

    did barry misspell “lick” as “kick?”

  2. FlyAngler

    That comment was clearly drafted by a PR flunky. In two sentences, O tried to address recent criticisms by Chris Matthews, Carville and Spike Lee. Quite the feat but it came across as so contrived, especially the use of “ass”. It might have sounded less planned and more presidential had he said “kick butt”. Using a quasi-expletive made him sound like Spoke in a rare moment when he had to feign having emotions.

    As I have repeatedly mentioned, ignore what O and his cadre say and evaluate what they do and choose not to do.

  3. krazy kat

    I think Fly meant Spock.

  4. Teri Buhl

    Love the art on this story Chris!

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  6. Greenwich Gal

    Just wondering how the Government can sue BP when the government was just as complicit in this whole mess with the Minerals Management Agency basically accepting bribes and looking the other way when it came to regulation.

  7. Anonymous

    He’s in bed with BP. They donated $180,000 to the Incompetent-in-Chief’s campaign.