Water seeks its own level

Greenwich’s own, ex-Lehman Bros chief Dick Fuld is now working for a penny stock firm. I’m tempted to say something like, “how the mighty have fallen”  but everything Dick learned at Lehman is bound to come in handy in his new employment: ripping off gullible investors, stealing from old ladies and pulling wings off of flies.

Still, he’s got to be one of the few penny stock brokers out there with a $20 million spread in Greenwich, CT.


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7 responses to “Water seeks its own level

  1. Teri Buhl

    Investors and The Street are lucky to have former NY Post and Fortune wall street investigative reporter, Roddy Boyd, reporting long form stories like this. Bookmark his home page people- if he’s reporting it’s always worth the read because he shines the light on important topics that effect our free markets.

  2. pulled up in OG

    Chris – First time I’ve noticed ‘Ads by Google’ inserted into a post. (after it’s clicked on)

    • Yeah, OG, that’s just suddenly been showing up – I don’t see them, but readers do. I get no income from them, so they’re an unnecessary annoyance. I’ve been meaning to move up to the more sophisticated verision of WordPress, which I’ll pay a small fee for and I can get rid of the ads and add a lot more features. The appearance of Google ads hastens that decision.

  3. Greenwich Gal

    Why aren’t Lehman stock holders suing Fuld for fiduciary irresponsibility and recklessness? Or are they?

  4. sound beacher

    About those advertisements: I thought you had sold out, $$’s. Awhile back you had surveyed your readers, and I assumed you had decided to run ads. They’ve been appearing for more than a week. There was even some with pictures.

    • No Sound Beacher, I was completely unaware of them until a week or two ago. I guess WordPress is running them to compensate for offering free hosting, but at $30 a month or thereabouts I can get rid of them, which I will. I just need some computer assistance because the self-hosting program is a bit technical. I’ll do it soon.

  5. Anonymous

    Hey, Teri — think you mean affect, not effect. A journalist should know better!