This is cool – Republicans may soon have two Indian-American Governors

I know we’re all racist pigs, but we’re still ahead of the Demmerkrats. Our country could soon be in good hands. Bring it on!

Nikki Haley

No, not chicken-feather Indians: Dot-head Indians!


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2 responses to “This is cool – Republicans may soon have two Indian-American Governors

  1. Anonymous

    View color/religion, etc and social issues as irrelevant distractions of both commies and BibleBelt social conservative morons who don’t understand basic economics and job creation

    Need more bold politicians who are anti-union, pro-capitalist, and pro-smaller, smarter gvt and regulators

    It’ll be bloody to fight the unions; Christie in NJ to-date has been far more impressive than big-talking, no-action Bloomie, esp when adjust for Bloomie’s alleged economic immunity

    NYC’s taxes and anti-business ethos make CA seem like a capitalist paradise with far superior weather; let’s see if Whitman can win and then break the unions in CA

  2. Jack

    ‘Not chicken feather Indians, Dot Head Indians’?

    I’m sure you’ll want work in ‘rag head’, ‘nappy headed ho’s’, ‘jungle bunnies’ and other affectionate monikers for ‘them’