Antisemitism wins out over self-preservation

Gay teenagers hanged in Iran

Spanish homosexuals ban Israelis from participating in Gay Pride parade.

A delegation of gay residents of Tel Aviv has been banned from joining a gay pride march in Madrid because authorities in the Israeli city have not condemned the recent attack on the Gaza flotilla.

“After what has happened, and as human rights campaigners, it seemed barbaric to us to have them taking part,” explained Antonio Poveda, ofSpain‘s Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transexuals and Bisexuals. “We don’t just defend out own little patch.”


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5 responses to “Antisemitism wins out over self-preservation

  1. Virginia Beach

    It just occured to me as I read your blog this am that since my twins were born you have become a major source of news for me. So sad – but true. Bite sized bits of interesting and news worthy information that can be digested between bottles and diapers. PRobably not the demographic you set out to capture when starting this blog!

  2. Anonymous

    the left has always been the petri dish in which anti-semitism grows… universities are the mother-institutions of this disease, followed by other far-left groups such as black liberation. no surprise in this announcement. jews are safe only when moderates rule.

  3. Merkin Muffley

    Two points:

    1. The far right is as guilty as the far left with respect to the long history of anti-Semitism, and that’s only including the last 150 years or so. While your point may have some relevance to the United States and Europe over the last forty to forty-five years, such a statement ignores extreme conservative forces in Europe. France had the Dreyfus Affair. The tsarist administration in Russia never stopped, and often supported, vicious pogrom campaigns against the Jews in the old Russian Empire.

    Jews in Romania, Hungary, and obviously Germany experienced profound discrimination in the interwar period. Anti-Semitism still pervades fringe conservative parties in France (Le Pen’s National Front).

    2. The far left, both European and American, has indeed aligned itself against Israeli interests in many ways.

    However, it would be fallacious to chalk up Jewish support to “moderates”, though, since traditional “liberals” such as Lyndon Johnson have been great friends of Israel or, indeed, great enemies in the case of Jimmy Carter. Nixon may be one of the most moderate president of the last forty years despite the blood-curdling screams of Democrats, but he had a complicated relationship with Israel that was more realpolitik than pure devotion. If anything, conservative presidents or presidents with hawkish foreign policy have been Israel’s most strident supporters as they conflate American interests with Israel’s continued existence as a powerful, Western-style democracy in a sea of hostile actors.

  4. Peg

    A couple of links from Instapundit on this subject:

    Surber is dead on with the “victim” thing. Leftists love the last, greatest victim. Once you become strong and successful – you’re history.

    And, with the second link, if you go to the rabbi’s site to see the hate male he’s receiving – BIG TIME, major warning. Some of the most disgusting stuff I’ve ever seen on the Internet – which is absolutely saying something.