Well this is hardly encouraging

Grand Central, here we come!

Metro North : New Haven line schedule will remain the same, but with fewer cars. Roof racks on top for overflow passengers?


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8 responses to “Well this is hardly encouraging

  1. ML

    Those MTA morons that cant balance a budget obvioulsy have never commuted in the morning. Standing room only on a lot of trains.

  2. Anonymous

    it’s the gov’t agency response to getting less money than they want…. make the cuts hurt the public, hoping to generate public outcry to restore the padded request so they can continue to drive gov’t cars, eat gov’t meals, get unlimited overtime, huge pensions. you know the drill.

  3. Anonymous

    Thought the mass transit heads in every major city earn >$300K/yr and have a taxpayer-provided car and driver…and a better pension than any of their customers

    Mass transit is for smelly, sweaty economic underachievers who can’t afford their own car and driver (or unable to scam someone else to pay for it)

  4. Stanwich

    What an effing joke. The trains are at capacity already. Not sure how taking away cars will save money. Once the train is out there and is staffed, what the hell is the cost to drag along another car or two.

    The MTA and Metro North are just totally inept. An example for the curious: Metro North is doing track replacement and station refurbishing at Greenwich stations. Yesterday morning, an MTA worker had most of the Riverside station platform blocked off so his fat ass could paint the platform covering. One worker, with one little roller, during peak rush hour with out a ounce of urgency to his task. No doubt he makes six figures, gets generous health coverage and will retire after only twenty years on the job with full pension. I could have gotten an army of skilled painters to do the job at midnight so as to not interrupt commuters for half the price.

    And you wonder why Americans hate the public service unions now more than ever?

  5. Stump

    Stanwich, at least you saw the painter working. At Cos Cob one afternoon last week two Metro North workers were just standing around with walkie-talkies.

  6. DebtVulture

    Wasn’t there a story about how 97% of the retired LIRR train conductors were on disability after they retired? Fraud and nobody in jail yet. Here is a story about it:


  7. anon

    i saw 5 guys working on a lighting fixture at the portchester station. one guy working and 4 just watching. really ?!

    at Riverside. it takes a week to do what could be done in a day or so.

    amazing jobs these clowns have.

  8. cos cobber

    correct debt vulture on the LIRR story. the manner of the fraud suggests jail time is in order. i havent looked, but it wouldnt surprise me to learn that it remains ‘under investigation.’ this is the crap the AG should be looking into.