Coming our way

Britain: 3,000 people a year die due to weekend staff cuts. An insignificant number, unless you yourself get sick on a weekend.


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  1. Anonymous

    Not sure hc outcomes are all that different in Frankfurt or London or Geneva vs US, despite US spending about twice as much per capita

    And quality of hc in US already varies dramatically if, for ex., a 45yo GS partner has a heart attack on Manhattan’s UES or PaloAlto/Woodside vs while on a business trip in, say, distant suburbs of Chicago or LA, or a pleasure trip to LasVegas or PalmBch, away from any competent academic medical centers and competent interventional cardiologists, etc

  2. Helsa Poppin

    A relative of mine in Canada suffered an extremely adverse result from a bacterial infection in his brain. The long term effects have been similar to a massive stroke. Had his condition been diagnosed a few hours earlier, he likely would have made a nearly full recovery, but unfortunately his symptoms appeared late on a Friday afternoon, after the radiology staff at the local hospital had gone home for the weekend. When he tried to sue for malpractice later on, months of searching failed to turn up a lawyer who would take the case, even though all of the doctors he spoke with admitted that failure to diagnose and treat him in a timely matter was to blame for his permanent disability.

  3. anon

    exactly, why defend the status quo CF?

    what other old, outdated ideas do you still support ?

  4. out looking in

    even in top notch hospitals like Northwestern in downtown Chicago, things tend to shut down on weekends.
    Not sure how they came up with the 3k number, but it may in fact be higher…and sometimes dying might be a better outcome than surviving (from my perspective of course)