Abby Sunderland rescued

She’s safely aboard a French fishing vessel. Aptly named “Il De La Reunion”. After reading about her and her voyage, I think it was a foolhardy venture – parents are supposed to suppress their kids’ dumbest ideas, not facilitate them – but all’s well that ends well, yadayadyada.

UPDATE: My favorite cousin writes : “I’m glad the kid’s ok, but I wish they had found her making her way slowly under a jury rigged sail. I guess I’m just old fashioned.”

I read that she lost her keel as well as her mast, but I’m not sure that’s accurate – keel boats tend to capsize without their lead (see, eg., Drum and its Fastnet experience). If Abby lost her keel then, fair dinkum, a jury rig wouldn’t do much good. But otherwise, yeah, get out those bolt cutters girl, ditch the mast and get something up using a spinnaker pole or something.

But if you look to the right side of this blog you’ll find an article I wrote about losing our rudder 200 miles offshore – we had some brilliant people (no, not me, obviously – I was rail meat)  on board and still couldn’t get a fin-keeled Swan to go to weather and eventually called for a tow. So I’d give a sixteen-year-old a break.


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9 responses to “Abby Sunderland rescued

  1. From an article on Yahoo:

    Her father defended the voyage.

    “I never questioned my decision in letting her go,” he told reporters Friday. “In this day and age we get overprotective with our children. If you want to look at statistics, look at how many teenagers die in cars every year. Should we let teenagers drive cars? I think it’d be silly if we didn’t.”

    I think he’s right. Abby kept her head, and followed procedure under extreme adverse conditions. 16 is just a number. This young lady will go far (as it were).

  2. uncle ugly

    I’m glad the kids ok, but I wish they had found her making her way slowly under a jury rigged sail. I guess I’m just old fashioned.

  3. Anonymous

    always annoys me when society incurs huge expenses to rescue folk from ‘adventures’… whether on mt. hood or mt. everest or the indian ocean. if they want to put themselves at risk, fine, but then they should have the burden of the costs incurred. [i guess it’s no different than paying for the medical care of the obese and smokers.]

  4. Blumenthal Hair Scandal

    Anyone notice how many shades different Blumenthal’s hair is in different campaign photos? On his commercials, it is dark brown, on CNN he is light brown, sometimes it has shades of gray in weekend photo events.
    Who does the hair dye job here? Someone well paid by the State probably. Reporters should snoop around on this topic. Matt Drudge, get busy.

  5. InfoDiva

    Yes of course, but who paid for all those rescue boats and the flight hours on the Airbus 330 search plane?

    • Yeah, Info, it seems I misspoke (or, rather, didn’t understand the full situation). But the Aussies paid and said they hope we in the US would do the same for one of their citizens were she in danger. I like to think that’s true – I may be a libertarian, but you don’t let a kid drown because her parents lack common sense.

  6. out looking in

    oh- how about this shot in the dark: she did it for publicity and the money and fame it would bring her…boys in balloons, girls circumnavigating the globe- what’s next: Gerber sponsoring a “Survivor” program for infants?

  7. Riverside Dog Walker

    So how does a family with 8 kids afford a $200k sailboat and fund two around the world trips on it for their kids? Did the father work for Madoff?

    If someone can follow the money, please explain it.

    And things could easily have not ended well for the fishing boat captain who fell overboard into heavy seas during the rescue.

  8. Retired IB'er

    ” but you don’t let a kid drown because her parents lack common sense.”

    But, maybe, just maybe, you stick the dumb-ass parents with the bill for the rescue of their kid.