Obummer’s got his work cut out for him

He’s got two years to start a war or do something that might make him appear presidential but right now, the polls are dreadful.

38 percent support the goals of the Tea Party movement; 27 percent do not. In a slew of areas (the Middle East, Afghanistan, energy policy, the environment, the economy, job security, health-care coverage, education, entitlement programs, the financial system, and Wall Street) the public thinks we are worse off than two years ago. There is no area in which the public thinks things have improved. They disapprove of Obama’s performance on Iraq, the economy (39 percent strongly so), immigration (41 percent strongly so), the environment, terrorism, gay rights, social security, the deficit (57 percent strongly or somewhat), Afghanistan, and taxes. On education they approve, but within the margin of error. Overall 44 percent approve of his performance and 49 percent do not.

With the exception of education and health care, the areas respondents are most concerned about (the economy, terrorism, social security, the budget deficit, and taxes) are ones on which Obama is doing very poorly and which most respondents believe have gotten worse in the last two years.

Finally, with regard to personal qualities, some of the results are stunning. Only 14 percent describe Obama as experienced, 47 percent don’t. (After 18 months in office, that is.) 31 percent  do not describe him as effective, only 25 percent do. 35 percent would not describe him as unifying, only 18 percent would. Although within the margin of error, more would notdescribe him as patriotic or in touch.


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27 responses to “Obummer’s got his work cut out for him

  1. Last Liberal Standing

    I don’t expect that you’ll take my word for it, but this downturn in Obama’s ratings was almost entirely predictable.

    On Election Night, 2008, as he stood before those throngs of ecstatic supporters, telling them that the task ahead would be tough, that everyone would have to work hard to overcome the difficulties, I thought, “The poor guy is inheriting a situation that is going to be just about impossible to fix, and the voters are not going to give him much time to do the impossible.”

    The economy, for one thing, was looking sick. That was a major reason Obama had won: People wanted a miracle worker to turn the economy around, and their hearts told them that someone different–someone NOT a Republican, right then–could get it done. What they didn’t realize was that this task was monumentally daunting and that no one knew what to do. Not Obama. Not McCain. Not Palin. Not Bush. Not Bernanke. Not Paulson. Not Greenspan. Not Volcker. Not Stiglitz. Not Krugman. Not Friedman. Not Bartiromo. Not Kramer. Not Surowiecki. Not Gates. Not Buffet.

    Surprise: Obama didn’t fix the economy, and he’s not going to. Public’s verdict: Out with him! He sucks! He isn’t a miracle worker. He’s a human being. Mortal, and all that.

    Another issue: Afghanistan. Hornet’s nest. How to fix it? Nobody knows. Not Robert Gates. Not McChrystal. Not Kissinger. Not Obama. What a terrible president.

    The BP disaster? Obama’s fault? Of course not. But he hasn’t fixed it, has he? Throw the bum out. He sucks. Try somebody else. Etc. Etc. Etc.

    The sad reality is that we’re a bunch of whining babies who want a great big daddykins to fix all our problems. We don’t want to face those problems, admit our own limitations, make sacrifices, and be part of the solution. We just want someone to fix everything.

    Who’s gonna do it? Nobody! But ain’t we got fun, calling for Obama’s head? Sure relieves stress.

  2. Last Liberal Standing

    You were down there with Rush and Glenn in the naysaying ditch right from Day 1, eh, Chris? You knew before he ever started that Obama was crap, right?

    Solid. Congratulations.

  3. out looking in


    You could have spared all the liberal tears and just claimed the usual elitist views of the left-the fact that the masses are morons and Hobama’s low ratings are sign that HE IS DOING THE RIGHT JOB…..In general, I’ll give you the frist- but PPPULLLLEEASSEE on the second…the ghosts of Jimmy Carter…

  4. Anonymous

    even if LLS had not identified his/her philosophy by his/her screen name, you’d know it because he/she shows no signs of changing his/her analysis in the face of dramatic data showing obama’s management to be a failure. and the irony of a liberal saying ‘we want a great big daddykins to fix all our problems’ is stunning.

  5. Anonymous

    “We” is a bad assumption

    Voters rarely equal top taxpayers
    Many top taxpayers don’t vote
    Donors tend to have own “single issue” agendas like corporate welfare for their own business interests

    Anecdotally, know many wealthy nonvoting, nondonating capitalists who view Depression as a healthy part of restructuring US economy from an overleveraged consumer economy into a more savings/investment oriented economy….a painful but necessary transition hurting some industries and benefiting others; creative destruction is an integral part of capitalism and natural selection

    But most amusing for many capitalists is watching G550 (or G650 on order) commies like Jamie squirm about being duped by a retarded community organizer who couldn’t get a job in GS’ muni finance dept despite affirmative action: priceless

  6. Red

    Maybe, but municipal finance is notorious cesspool of creeps who hire others of questionable ethics ie those who found creative ways to cheat on exams to pad their GPAs. Well-equipped to rip off those stupid public funds, right? Jerks, even at Goldman.

  7. Last Liberal Standing

    out looking in:

    Nicely said! You hit on a number of familiar themes.

    Speaking of saving (time, tears, effort, thought), why not subscribe to slogansmantrasandinsults.com ? Then you can click on the cliches that strike your fancy at any given moment, paste ’em into your “thoughtful” ripostes, and chuckle at your own (borrowed) wit. And if you aim the zingers at me, you can be sure I’ll be tormented for days by each freshly recycled poison arrow. Ouch!

  8. Last Liberal Standing


    See above. (Maybe you, outside, and the other howling wits can get a group rate at slogansmantrasandinsults.com !)

  9. Last Liberal Standing

    Laughing my ass off as youse guys call Obama retarded. I’d pay enormous money to watch youse play chess against the guy, or solve mazes, or take IQ tests, or teach a college course, or explain a political, economic, philosophical, sociological, or psychological concept without resorting to name-calling.

    This is . . . Jeopardy! Pay per view–President Retardo vs. a couple of Right-Wing Jackals!

    Rolling on the floor at the thought of such a competition.

  10. out looking in


    Thanks for the advice- I will take it! But sometimes the shoe actually fits- and in this case it’s about right (it’s Sunday, so I rely on metaphors and slogans as I rest my feeble intellect for the Asian open on Sunday night).

    And as I have a retarded brother (CP) and am highly sensitive to a derogatory use of the word (trust me- it sucks!), I’ll give you kudos for identifying Obama’s intellect. I believe he is a smart guy- and I would love to watch the NBA finals with him or the college bowl games- and play chess with him. That being said, some really smart guys (even full professors at the Uof C) have gotten way wrong. Just add Barak’s economic agenda to teh pile. He definitely did not cause the (economic) mess, but sure is making it worse…

  11. out looking in

    Are you sure that web address is correct? Google can’t find it…and I’m running low on the borrowed wit. But feel free to share any original thoughts you might have had with me….

    Have a great day on the left bank…

  12. Peg

    Although I am definitely no liberal (at least, how the word is defined in 2010), I agree with some of what LLS has to say. First – almost by definition – Obama’s ratings had to fall. People thought they had elected a rock star, and it was impossible for that emotion to last.

    Second, Obama did inherit some pretty wickedly bad stuff. And third – no, everything that has gone wrong since he took office is not Obama’s fault. Really.

    BUT … that being said – a fair amount of what has gone wrong is because Obama has not performed well as a president. Many of the glowing promises he made to the American people – both while campaigning and after getting into office – have been tossed in the wastepaper basket. Bipartisanship? Ha! Transparency? Please; Al Qaeda is more transparent than this administration.

    Add in a wide variety of actions to increase government, spend like we have never seen in our nation’s history, to no good effect and work to pass legislation that kills jobs and harms business – well, no wonder his ratings have gone down.

    The sad fact is that we elected someone who is a superb actor and speaker, who played very well with his family in photo opps, splashed across People Magazine when campaigning – but someone who has very little clue about the real world, world economies, foreign affairs and so forth.

    Oh – and yes. LLS is also correct that many of us are whiney babies waiting for daddypresident or daddygovernment to fix all our bad behavior. Guess what – no matter what party is in power, they can’t do it. If we don’t somehow learn that we ourselves must learn adult, responsible, judicious behavior for our nation to be successful once again, then we may one day go the way of Greece.

    Somewhere, Socrates, Plato, the founding fathers, Churchill and a few other presidents are all shaking their heads.

  13. Daniel

    When I first learned about his resume, I was appalled. Law Professor and community organizer from Chicago do not make a national leader. Just being from Chicago should have been enough to prevent him from being elected. He has perpetuated all that was wrong with the Bush administration and added the progressive mantra of redistribution of wealth. That just makes Corporate America feel all warm and fuzzy. The thought that deficits don’t matter is like saying I am not out of money if I still have blank checks.

  14. Retired IB'er

    Obama is a very smart man, who, we are learning unfortunately, does not have good leadership skills. Worse still, the current financial mess is not the situation to learn on the job.

    Obama’s presidency (at least thus far and there is nothing to suggest it will change) highlights the old adage “be careful what you wish for, you may actually get it”.

    Obama won, but he will regret his success occurred before he was mature enough to capitalize on it.

  15. out looking in

    Come on Daniel-

    Obama is NOT FROM CHICAGO- like Hillary Clinton is NOT FROM WESTCHESTER CO NY (and you can add SO MANY names to the list). These are simply the locales from where the were elected. Rich Daley is FROM CHICAGO- and I wish they could export him to Athens- he would fit in quite well.
    Like the great state of NY. I called the bank holding my mortgage Friday and informed them that I would like to borrow from myself to pay them….they did not find that amusing.
    Hobama is a babe in the woods, surrounded by a cast of cronies and clowns- just like the many that went before him… and our mighty empire continues to sink in relevance…

  16. Anonymous

    Regardless of what he inherited, it is what he is doing now that will crush this once great nation. He has increased spending and therefore the deficit to levels that are unsustainable. This spending spree went over and above what was needed to improve the economy.

    He promised the trillion dollars in spending would keep unemployment below 8% – it’s now 10%. He promised the healthcare bill would reduce the deficit – only after did we learn he mislead us on that one through shady accounting.

    The man has no executive or business experience. he has never had to earn a living.

    We need more people in congress with business experience and less lawyers.

  17. Last Liberal Standing

    out looking in:

    The website I recommended was bogus. ‘Twas a joke. Should I feel guilty? We libs have no trouble feeling guilty, you know. But still, I give myself permission to be snide, sarcastic, and dismissive once in a while, in response to youse right-wing Obama haters.

    If you need some fresh (borrowed) wit, I’ll be glad to oblige. . . . Hey! Maybe I should CREATE the kind of website I shamelessly fabricated earlier–a word-and-phrase manual for conservatives and libertarians. For starters:

    Synonyms for “bad person”: liberal, left-winger, lefty, Dem, Dummercrat, Obamaphile, Jimmy Carter worshiper, progressive, socialist, community organizer, commie, red, pinko, fellow traveller, interventionist, Big Brother, big spender, big-governmentalist, income redistributor, regulation fiend, taxaholic, Stalinski, Maoist, marxist, bleeding heart, peacenik, pacifist, welfare lover, moral hazardist, crybaby, hater of civilization, freedom-killer, anti-entrepreneur, AynRandophobe, Kumbaya nut, environmentalist, green, peak oiler, Chicken Little, scientist, evolutionist, professor, academician, Left Coaster, . . .

    Just think–chapters on “Hateful Adjectives,” “Cringe-Inducing Insults,” “All-Purpose Ad Hominems,” “Non Sequiturs That Work,” “Mastering Projection,” and “Yo’ Mama for Caucasians”!

  18. Last Liberal Standing


    I agree with much of what you said (especially the stuff that already agrees with me!), but I take issue with your complaint about bipartisanship.

    Obama really did want to reach across the aisle, but he eventually realized that NO ONE on the right was going to break ranks and be seen as an enemy sympathizer. Take a look back at what happened to any Republican who dared to challenge Rush Limbaugh (the quintessential obstructionist who announced from the get-go that he wanted Obama to fail): Anyone who even thought about contradicting Limbaugh was quickly “persuaded” to apologize to His Lordship.

    In my opinion, Obama actually stuck with his bipartisan fantasy far too long. He should have noticed in the very first few months that the right-side mountain wasn’t going to budge, and he should have said, “Okay for you!” and moved on. As it was, he wasted precious time reaching out; meanwhile the RW spinmeisters were working overtime to poison public perceptions–and succeeding.

  19. Daniel

    There was bipartisanship in the passage of the healthcare act. The only problem is it was in opposition to the act. With all the regulatory holes in the act it is no wonder. Nobody really knew what would result from the act because it was so vague in its content. I don’t rely on Rush, Beck or any other political hack to inform me about political issues, I read the bills presented.

  20. out looking in

    So LLS,

    You hide behind “victimhood”- now how original is that? And FWIW, I knew the webiste was bogus even before I looked, but was quite curious how you would respond. Fiscal conservatives can also be quite moderate to left leaning on social issues- as I am. However, you are quite “clicheish” in your rush to a defensive posture and generalization on all fiscal conservatives. I was never taught that it was evil or socially irresponsible to be responsible for the debts I assumed, and to let myself and other wage earners best allocate scarce resources such as capital. Perhaps someday when we net worth climbs into the nine figure range (before the decimal), then I too can afford to be a free spending liberal denouncing the accumulation of wealth. Or perhaps I will suffer a severe financial setback and become indigent and scream for aid from Papa State…but I suppose while I am mired somewhere in between, I will fight for my rights to allocate capital as I see fit (and I am confident that Hobama cannot compete with my ability in this space), to try and retain as much of my hard earned income as possible while providing resonable assistance to the general public. Perhaps you might even be able to drop your defensiveness and open your mind to the values of fiscal conservativism, and drop your pom poms and stop hiding behind the notion of being a victim of “all us nasty right wingers” or however you characterized it.

  21. anonymous

    Obama has no executive experience. He is way over his head, especially given that he did inherit a tough situation. Voters got so sold on his message of hope, and forgot to look at his actual resume. This is why we should remember that Senators are probably not the best candidates when it comes to actually carrying out the job of President. They might talk the talk, and be great politicians, but they have never had to make the hard decisions that a Governor has had to make. The one thing I keep remembering form all the pre election hype, is someone pointing out that Obama had already written numerous autobiographies, but had yet to pen an iota of legislation. There is no way he is getting re-elected.

  22. Last Liberal Standing

    I’m not playing victim. Where’d you get that idea? I’m not suffering from anything you or the other “hard-earned money” guys are tossing at me. You’re not hurting me in any way that I’m aware of.

    Maybe it would help if you could point out some specific examples of my “defensiveness” and “hiding behind the notion of being a victim.”

  23. out looking in

    You (singular) most definitely have to have the last word- this is clear. So this will be my last post on the matter- but I have read several of your responses over the past few weeks- feel free to review them, including some made earlier today. Instead of being a great generalizer and BS victim artist- I deal in hard facts. You have played the victim hard (“you right wingers are attacking me crapola”) before…of course- you most likely have never been wrong either. I am fortunate that in my line of work, I have to admit error early and often, but I realize I deal in a world of uncertainies, unlike most elitist RIGHTIES AND LEFTIES that seem to hold a monopoly on brillance. Yours truly, OLI (aka Shoeshine Boy- humble and loveable)

  24. Last Liberal Standing


    So, it’s just a feeling you have, huh? Nothing you can support with specific examples? Thought so.

    Anyway, it’s great to know that you’ve been reading lots of my comments over the past few weeks–even though you consider me “a great generalizer and BS victim artist.” I’m honored to have attracted and kept your attention. Keep up the good habits! And I’ll be ever vigilant to absorb your “hard facts,” “early and often” admission of errors, and “humble and loveable” personality. Ciao!

    Defensively yours, LLS

  25. cos cobber

    Trading barbs with LLS is a thorough waste of time. We’ve all learned absolutely nothing on this string of comments, nor have we gotten a good laugh. Lets move on.