Our friends the Pakis

Turns out, they’re in cahoots with the Taliban

Pakistani support for the Taliban in Afghanistan runs far deeper than a few corrupt police officers, however. The Sunday Times can reveal that it is officially sanctioned at the highest levels of Pakistan’s government.

Pakistan’s own intelligence agency, the ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence), is said to be represented on the Taliban’s war council — the Quetta shura. Up to seven of the 15-man shura are believed to be ISI agents.

The former head of Afghanistan’s intelligence agency, Amrullah Saleh, who resigned last week, said: “The ISI is part of the landscape of destruction in this country, no doubt, so it will be a waste of time to provide evidence of ISI involvement. They are a part of it.”

Testimony by western and Afghan security officials, Taliban commanders, former Taliban ministers and a senior Taliban emissary show the extent to which the ISI manipulates the Taliban’s strategy in Afghanistan.

Pakistani support for the Taliban is prolonging a conflict that has cost the West billions of dollars and hundreds of lives. Last week 32 Nato soldiers were killed.

According to a report published today by the London School of Economics, which backs up months of research by this newspaper, “Pakistan appears to be playing a double game of astonishing magnitude” in Afghanistan.

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  1. Anonymous

    stick a pin randomly in any map of the muslim nations [or tribes] and you’ll find warfare. today’s news is the slaughtering of kyrgyz people by uzbeks and the slaughter of uzbeks by kyrgyz. in fact, look at any ethnic conflict, from the philippines to kashmir to iraq to israel to lebanon to turkey to chechnya and, guess what, one or both of the parties are muslims. there’s just no pleasing those folks. and no appeasing those folks will bring peace.