The war between state employees and taxpayers is extending

Obama: time to bail out the states with more debt. From Calculated Risk:

From Jackie Calmes and Sheryl Gay Stolberg at the NY Times: Obama Presses for Aid to Cities and States

President Obama on Saturday implored Congress to provide more aid to states and cities to blunt “the devastating economic impact of budget cuts” by local governments that imperil the jobs of teachers, the police, firefighters and other public employees.

In a letter to Democratic and Republican Congressional leaders, Mr. Obama said the “mounting employment crisis” in the states “could set back the pace of our economic recovery.” … education secretary, Arne Duncan, has said that without federal aid, up to 300,000 fewer teachers would be in classrooms this fall …

The WaPo quotes Obama as writing there will be “massive layoffs of teachers, police and firefighters” without the additional funds.


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9 responses to “The war between state employees and taxpayers is extending

  1. Anonymous

    Intra-class warfare amongst non-unionized <$500K/yr workers who use mass transit and have zero job security or pensions and the unionized <$500K/yr government "workers" or welfare recipients w/taxpayer-provided cars and drivers…and lavish pensions and recession-proof payoffs

  2. out looking in

    perhaps they should take a blunt instrument to their budgets instead- oops, that is not Hobamanomics…

  3. Peg

    It’s always “massive layoffs” and The End of the World.

    Some of us in the Real World are facing income cuts of 50% – or more. Or, no job at all.

    Can someone please explain to me why those who work for the government can only choose between layoff – and some compensation cuts?

  4. atticus

    >>Obama as writing there will be “massive layoffs of teachers, police and firefighters” without the additional funds.

    Or, if public employees really cared, they would accept pay reductions.

    Why the false choice Obi? Why keep paying public employees supra market rates? The new slave class, taxpayers, are getting restless.

  5. Anonymous

    it could not be more clear that the biggest impediment to job creation by the private sector is the exploding debt of government. when a private employer looks to see if growing the business will be profitable, he/she looks at profits after taxes. if government spending is out of control, taxes will clearly have to rise; ergo, less [or no] hiring by the private sector. and just as you cannot lift yourself by your bootstraps [i know, a cliche], the government cannot solve unemployment by hiring. we’re in real trouble with obama at the helm.

  6. Jim Carr

    I don’t know why we need a national health care program after seeing the revelation below that our savior has mandated that all Americans will be healthy from now on.

    Obama Begins “Lifestyle Health Modification” Program, Mandating Behavioural Changes Within US Society

    Submitted by Tyler Durden on 06/13/2010 14:30 -0500

    * Goldman Sachs
    * President Obama
    * White House

    Last week, with little fanfare, among the ever deteriorating oil spill crisis, the White House quietly noted the issuance of an executive order “Establishing the National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council”, in which the president, citing the “authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America” is now actively engaging in “lifestyle behavior modification” for American citizens that do not exhibit “healthy behavior.” At least initially, the 8 main verticals of focus will include: smoking cessation; proper nutrition; appropriate exercise; mental health; behavioral health; sedentary behavior; substance-use disorder; and domestic violence screenings. Eventually we fully anticipate that the program will also target such wholesome activities as screening for precious metal holdings, monthly minimum usage of available revolving credit (and a minimum threshold thereto) and the susceptibility of an individual to stay current on one’s mortgage. Additionally, the president will establish yet another Advisory Group, composed of “experts” picked from the public health field, and one which tracks the successful uptake by the US population of the precepts for a better functioning society that the president deems important. Cosmo culture has just been adopted by the White House, where Big Brother is now in the business of counting calories, and soon, your bars of gold.

  7. Daniel

    I don’t know if I should laugh or cry regarding the above. I do know I want the government out of my wallet, bedroom and other countries as a policeman.

  8. Walt

    Duderino –
    This really is a serious problem, that can destroy this country in our lifetime. And I am older than dirt, for Pete’s Sake.
    Look at what is going on in Greece. And the US is worse. I saw something recently about our great state of Connetycut. The population has held constant, while the number of state workers has doubled. What the frig is up with that??
    But it is our fault. We let it go on.
    You know what the biggest joke is? No, not being a “professional” real estate agent. Good guess, though!! But that is number two. You loser – you can’t even win at suckage, at which you excel.
    No, my commission deprived purveyor of dirt. The biggest joke is the POST OFFICE!!! They are the largest employer of minorities after the military. So they won’t really cut the workforce. They don’t know what to do with these folks.
    Who needs mail six days a week? NO ONE. They could deploy technology and cut 30% of the workforce. At least. And the real estate. You tell me how much is tied up and wasted on that. And don’t tell me the post office is not really a Federal Agency. Pure cover story, like Fannie & Freddie.
    Anyway, enough about that. What do you mean you may not cover Steph on the 28th? What else is so important? Picking lint out of your belly button? You load. You better be there, with the script!!
    Your Pal,

  9. Govt WASTE

    My town high school has one principal and THREE asst principals. WHAT A WASTE. Cuts hould have been years ago. Blame it on the unions. Soon the govt will look like Detroit. A big embarassment.