You Tube, you suck

The company has pulled down the “We Con the World” video put out by some young Israelis and sung to the tune of “We are the World”. It was a parody and clearly falls under the fair use doctrine of copyright law, but it was a video of Jews condemning Palestinian terrorists and that was that, so far as You Tube was concerned. There is a war going on here, and we’re losing it.

UPDATE: I’d forgotten – Google has bought You Tube – that explains everything: do all evil.


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6 responses to “You Tube, you suck

  1. not so anonymous

    Hot Air says it’s back up

  2. Anonymous

    You’re an idiot sometimes, CF. Google was started and is owned by two Jewish men who have given considerable amounts of time and money to the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.

    You should have a window pop up on your screen every time you hit ‘enter’ on a new blog post — “Have you thought yet today?”

  3. Anonymous

    Please calm down, CF!

    It’s still there, at least for now.

  4. Nathan Hale

    Not to pile on here, but wasn’t it You Tube (the technology, the community, the modality as well as the company itself) that brought the message to the world?

  5. Wandering Through

    Chris, the video is still all over YouTube. Yes, there was a report that it was yanked last week, but that turns out to be usual wild internet gossip. If I had to guess, I’d bet the original one was pulled due to being “flagged” as a problem from other users, as often happens with anything controversial, but it’s still in abundance all over YouTube.

    You’re not fond of Google after the infamous Blogger incident and the yanking of your blog. (with good reason in that case)