Conyers Farm contract

I’ll post more details soon but there is a contact on a Lower Cross house somewhere in the $12’s, I believe. It’s nice to know that people with that kind of money are still around, but rumour has it that the seller turned down $18 million a few years ago. Ouch.


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4 responses to “Conyers Farm contract

  1. Anonymous

    Moronic to try to market time an illiquid, discretionary asset like luxury shelter

  2. Anon

    He’s probably buying something for $4m that used to be $8m.

  3. Backcountry

    That’s actually a pretty impressive price, as rumour also has it that the house will be torn down!

  4. Accolay

    I’m surprised Anon didn’t use the word “dubious” or mention 15 Central Park West in the above comment.