Follow the money, as suggested by Riverside Dog Walker

Abby Sunderland’s dad had a reality TV show lined up for her.


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6 responses to “Follow the money, as suggested by Riverside Dog Walker

  1. out looking in

    and just where was this insinuated a few days ago? color me jade(d), but ppuullleeeasssee…

    BTW- euro trades above 1.23!! I want to see fair and equal reporting here my friend…up over 2 cents (plus I need to see level of snide comentary to know when to sell!!)

  2. cos cobber

    Is 06878 dogwalker is a bloodhound?

    I don’t care what the father says. Abby’s trip was motivated by money, consciously or subconsciously.

  3. Riverside Dog Walker

    Well, we still don’t know who put up the money for the $200k boat (would be interesting to know the loss payee on the insurance policy) and working capital for the trip, but this is more Teri Buhl’s beat.

    Unbelievable story. But as I have learned, there are reasons for everything.

  4. Shoe City

    From reading Abby’s blog ( and website (, it appears that the family secured a number of sponsors (nearly 30 in total) to foot the bill for her trip.

  5. Fly Girl

    And here I thought YOU had a huge blog following. Read this from Abby’s last post:

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  6. John

    Yes, Shoe city, they did seems to work like dogs beforehand to line up the sponsors, pretty much like anyone who isn’t Larry Ellison does. I don’t see the dark side here, She’s obviously a competent Sailor, I’m mean isn’t halfway ’round the World solo something of an acomplishment?