No wonder they won’t attend town hall meetings

Democrat Congressman Bob Etheridge assaults college student


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24 responses to “No wonder they won’t attend town hall meetings

  1. Inagua

    Why did the “student” refuse to identify himself? What “project” was he working on? For what school? Why is his face blurred out? Does a congressman walking down the street have the right to ask an interrogator with a camera to idenfity himself before responding to a question?

  2. Pete

    Does a congressman have a right to grab someone’s arm and neck? What happened to “no comment”?

  3. Inagua


    The congressman way over reacted; his physical assault was inexcusable. But he was ambushed while walking down a sidewalk by a provocateur who was unwilling to identify himself, his organization, or his “project,” then or now. The congressman had a right to be annoyed.

  4. The Duke of Deception

    Clearly, the good Congressman was having a bad day. Maybe one of his pork barrel projects wasn’t green lighted by Nancy, maybe his secretary didn’t feel like taking dick-tation, or maybe some kickbacks he was expecting didn’t come through.

    Whatever, the DC police should be looking into this at some point…The Duke is no lawyer, but that looks like simple battery.

  5. DebtVulture


    You made me laugh trying to defend the Congressman. I agree he has a right to know, but he has no right to flip out and put his hands on the kid. NONE whatsoever. And they think the Tea Party guys are nuts! HA.

    Go Green, Recycle Congress

  6. You're right

    How can the police not arrest him for unlawful restraint?

  7. Peg

    I love folks who see someone attacking another with no reason to do so, and somehow blame the physical attack on the victim.

    No Inagua; whether the questioner is a student or not, whether he really has a project or not, and even whether or not his questions were rude – or not – no one has a right to attack the questioner.

    You’d think that a congressman would know this. But, as we all have seen – at least this one does not.

  8. dogwalker

    Hi Inagua,

    The students have every right to stand on a public sidewalk and ask passersby questions without identifying themselves.

    Passersby, whoever they are, have every right to walk by and say nothing.

    What we saw on that tape is a crime. (And I am not speaking figuratively.)

    Goodness, on all the boards/blogs I visit people are going nuts today. WTF is going on?

  9. Cobra

    The kid should press charges to the max. Etheridge certainly sets a fine example for all young Demonrats to follow as they aspire for lower office. That the mere mention of the “Obama agenda” set him off to this degree of uncontrollable rage suggests he may perhaps wish to disassociate himself from Barry Hussein’s Marxist ideology, at least when publicly called on it outside the protected halls of Congress. However, having perused Etheridge’s sordid voting record over the past 16 months, it’s painfully obvious that he still blindly believes the con job Obummer foisted off on naive, impressionable, uninformed voters in November, 2008. To this day, every time Madame Nancy passes her usual blast of liquified, unnatural gas Etheridge reflexively blurts out “What she said.” What a festering sphincter, this Etheridge lizard.

  10. Anonymous

    “Commies”, not “liberals”

  11. Way Up Valley

    Who are you?

    The new Number Two.

    Who is Number One?

    You, are Number Six.

    I am not a number! I am a psycho congressman!

    The question was simple: Do you support Obama. Yes, no, maybe so, no comment, would be in the realm of acceptable answers. Who cares who is asking? The question wasn’t “Which school boys do you dream about when you masturbate?” it was pretty basic, public domain, related to your job kind of stuff.

    If a Republican acted like that it would be the lead story on all three networks tonight and he’d probably be arrested.

    Anyone taking bets on how much play this gets outside of Red State?

  12. The Cong looked like he might be drunk. His face was kinda slack and it sounds like he was slurring his words a bit (even after for accounting for his N.C. drawl). Then again, maybe he was having a stroke having just read his latest poll numbers???

  13. Inagua


    You are correct about the legality of the situation. My point was that political operatives conducting ambush interviews in non-campaign settings while masquerading as “students” on a “project” and concealing their own identity is extremely annoying. I admit that grabbing the kid was an inappropiate (and illegal) response, but I certainly understand the instinct to throttle the twerp.

  14. Old Coot

    Inagua has drunk the Kool-aid and therefore believes that elected representatives with a “D” behind their name are better than us common folk and should not be expected to answer questions.

  15. Hu Nhu?

    “political operatives” , “ambush”, “non-campaign settings” , “masquerading as students” ??? Joey Goebbels would be proud.

  16. Inagua

    Old Coot,

    You are mistaken with respect to my thoughts on elected representatives with a D behind their name. I believe that this next election is the most important in at least a generation. If the Republicans can re-take the House, then ObamaCare may be de-funded and the government can perhaps move back towards a free market economy. If Pelosi remains Speaker ObamaCare will become permanent, and a value added tax almost inevitable. Our country will then be a European style welfare state with low growth, a lower average stand of living than now exists, and a lower rate of employment than in recent generations. I loath and fear Democrats.

    I also can’t stand rude behavior, which is what that punk exhibited when he approached that Congressman.

  17. Inagua

    Who New,

    Please explain which quoted words or phrases were inaccurate, untrue, or otherwise in the tradition of Goebbels.

  18. Peg

    Maybe he isn’t a student – but how are you so sure he isn’t, Inagua?

  19. pulled up in OG

    “All we are is students.”

    And O’Keefe was just a telephone repairman, right?

  20. Inagua


    I am sure that the two interrogators were not students for the following reasons:

    1) They found the congressman leaving a fundraiser, an event which was closed to the press and not generally known to the public.

    2) They refused to identify themselves when asked who they were by the congressman.

    3) They blurred themselves out of their own video.

    4) They submitted the video anonomously.

    5) They did not press charges.

    6) They have continued to conceal their identity despite all the interest.

    7) No other student from the class has come forward to collaborate their story.

    8) No teacher has come forward to confirm such a pr0ject.

    These guys are trakers, low level grunts assigned to follow opposing candidates in the hopes of catching the candidate saying or doing something stupid. It is a despicable tactic.

  21. Inagua


    I am not defending the congressman. I am deploring the tactics used to provoke him.

    I regret the coarsening of our political culture. Alistair Coooke wrote of the first time he saw FDR being loaded onto ship in a cargo net and thought it would make an interesting photograph. The reporter next to Cooke gently lowered Cooke’s camera arm and explained, “We don’t do that.” Today there are only three phtographs of FDR in a wheelchair, all of them taken privately. That is the kind of political culture I wish we still had.

  22. FF


    I’m interested in knowing whether you believe this immunity from prosecution available to Democrats for assault might possibly extend to party officials up here in Connecticut?

    If so, I have a “target” or two in mind. If I don’t have to get the Diana Ross suite at the Police Palace, so much the better!