The advantage (or disadvantage) of living in a small town

A man arrested and charged in March with driving while intoxicated had the bad luck to have the same officer spot him driving on Steamboat Road Saturday, even though his license was suspended.

Robin H. Plasencia, 34, of 8 Moshier St., was arrested and charged with operating a motor vehicle while under suspension. The state suspended his license on April 8 following his March 3 arrest in Greenwich on the drinking and driving charges.

On Saturday he produced a New York driver’s license that was issued March 11. The address on that license was a Port Chester post office box, said Lt. Kraig Gray. A spokesman for the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles could not be reached late Monday.

Police said Plasencia was stopped while driving a taxi and had two fares onboard.

Anthony Boskello, owner of Greenwich Taxi, said Plasencia was let go following his March arrest. However, Boskello said, the man hadn’t returned the Greenwich Taxi stickers that are affixed to the vehicles.

Boskello said he didn’t know anything about the passengers and said they were not dispatched through his company. The drivers are independent contractors and own their own vehicles, he said.

Police said Plasencia also had two prior DWI convictions in New York.

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  1. Anonymous

    Suspect 99+% of cabbies or limo drivers anywhere are incompetent or unsafe drivers, leaving aside the crappy, dubiously maintained cab/limo they are driving

    Fascinating when consider physical risks casually assumed by NetJets passengers who leave their costly bird for the riskiest, least diligenced part of their travels…or the similarly risky daily cab/limo commutes of Manhattan’s wealthy