This should prove interesting

FBI releases its Teddy Kennedy files. Mary Jo Kopechne was unavailable for comment.


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4 responses to “This should prove interesting

  1. Fly Girl

    I can’t wait to see what the FBI files unearth. I lived on Chappaquiddick when Teddy took his Dyke Bridge Dive. His story was so bogus it made all us locals gag. But $ talks. MJ’s family has never said a word. The Edgartown police chief got a spiffy new Mercedes. And Ted lived as if nothing was wrong. Sad.

  2. The Duke of Deception

    Well, this gives the Boston Globe a new reason to put Senator Pantsless (D-Johnnie Walker) back on the front page for a few day. Those Massholes sure love their drunken, cheating, lying, fat, murderous Teddy!

  3. one fat file

    any notes of ted drinking himself under the table at 1794 restaurant near georgetown u with sen dodd in 1989?

  4. john

    As a longtime Massachusetts resident I was always horrified as Ted was re-elected time and time again. An uneducated electorate is the kiss of death to a Democracy. Collectively we seem to have proven that theory many times over.

    Keep up your fine work Chris, I’m a big fan,