Al Gore flees with mistress to South Africa

First snowfall in 20 years. Apparently, the eco-warrior has departed with the lady in purple.


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5 responses to “Al Gore flees with mistress to South Africa

  1. The Duke of Deception

    The Tipper was at BU around the Duke’s time — she was a piece.

    But Larry’s ex is hot.

    Gore is a dumbshit who got into Haaarvard thanks to Daddy (sound familiar), and is a serial liar and psycopath.

  2. Daniel

    As someone who campained for Victor Ashe, yes Gore is a total idiot.

  3. All been denied by Laurie David…this was started by Drudge, now even he is backtracking the story. FYI, Curb Your Enthusiasm is a great show.

  4. You're right

    Probably not true.

    If it were true, it would the first thing AlGore has done that makes sense to me.

  5. out looking in

    If Al is getting laid, all the power to him. I mean, he is such an energy conservationist- what’s a little extra heat from the bedroom going to matter?