The New York Times: White House tool?

Well, I suppose it’s a refreshing break from the paper’s usual role as antagonist, but it seems that its “breaking news” story on Sunday about the trillion dollars of minerals buried in Afghanistan was both old news and, interestingly, timed to coincide with an auction of mining rights in that beleaguered country, the same auction that was canceled last year due to lack of interest.


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6 responses to “The New York Times: White House tool?

  1. out looking in

    surprise surprise surprise!! Where’s Gomer when you need him…
    btw, FWIW- rumors were running early last week with euro at 1.1900-1.1950 that the prop desk of the Giant Bloodsucking Squid- Goldman Sachs- new stock symbol GBS..had covered shorts and was LONG euros against the dollar…hhhmmmmm..

  2. Gideon Fountain

    Hold on there, Mister, my hat just flew off my head! Are you trying to get us to believe that a pillar of journalistic integrity like the NEW YORK TIMES would happily do the bidding of the Obama Administration?? Next you’ll be telling me that this same Administration wants to spend taxpayer dollars to actually SUBSIDIZE these house organs!

  3. cos cobber

    ok, but couldn’t it be said that fox, wsj, etc do the same for bush and friends. i don’t see this as such a big deal unless the facts in the article are incorrect. it was a benign story in my eyes.

    i think the same timing games on negative stories to coincide with election campaigns shows far more bias and ulterior motive than a nice puff piece on ‘business opportunities’ in afghanistan.

  4. Pesonally, I think the New York Times secret senior editor is Rahm Emanuel.

  5. I waited way too long, but I finally canceled by subscription to the NYT when they ran a front page smear piece on Cindy McCain three days before the election. This was after they reported on John McCain’s rumored affairs, despite having no actual evidence or on the record support.

    The Times doesn’t see itself as an impartial reporter of politics. They see themselves as a participant.

  6. Teri Buhl

    @libertarian Advocate – I’m pretty sure Emanuel is a NYT contributing editor – great call.

    Considering I know some of these NYT journalist-I see how they are excited to get news leaks from the SEC and Rahm but am usually dispointed that they don’t at least follow the story with quotes from another point of view. It would at least give an appearance of real reporting. Instead we see The Afgan Mineral Story as nothing more than a press release for Team Obama.