Tommy Hilfiger keeps Greenwich real estate alive

30 John Street

$31,375,000. Janet Milligan, his agent, needs only to keep Tommy buying and selling once a year and she’s set for life.


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18 responses to “Tommy Hilfiger keeps Greenwich real estate alive

  1. Stanwich

    This is definitely a trade up from that ghastly POS he built on RHR. The decor was better suited to a gay whore house than to an estate. Let’s hope he doesn’t desecrate this old world beauty with his new world money.

    • That was a Mark Mariani house, Stan, and it was indeed a P.O.S. (but sold for somewhere around $20 million, so there’s no limit on bad taste).With luck, Hilfiger will use a different builder to renovate this property.

  2. Ditto what Stanwich said. When did we learn that Tommy was the buyer of the erstwhile Hirschhorn estate? What a disappointment!

  3. Teri Buhl

    Are you reporting he just bought this house and paid that price?

  4. The Duke of Deception

    Any truth to the rumor that he was a pot dealer years ago in Greenwich?

    Seems like an awful guy…

  5. Cobra

    24 years ago, Jann handled the sale of our Riverside house and the purchase of our Greenwich home, in which we still happily live.

    She’s a fine person and, from a professional perspective, quite competent.

  6. Anonymous

    Not many with either IQ or taste end up in rag trade, no matter how much money made off similarly dumb, tasteless customers

  7. The Duke of Deception

    Chris — do a little checking. The Duke’s sources are Byram boys (that’s part of Greenwich still, right?) and swear he was a dealer in the late 60’s.

    He’s a fame whore and his clothes really suck.
    Ralph Lipchutz lite.

  8. Teri Buhl

    Chris – Is this the highest price paid for a Greenwich Home this year? What was the listing price?

    • It was listed at $33 million and yes, it was the highest price paid this year (Hilfiger’s sale of his former residence on Round Hill Road for $20 million was probably the next highest)

  9. Riverside Boy

    I love how the “Zestimate” on is $10.4 million and it just sold for over $30 million.

  10. tronathon

    Hilfiger is from Elmira, New York.