I like clerics, but this is getting embarassing

The Rev. Simeon P. Stefanidakis

Old Greenwich pastor hit with kid-pic child porn charges. Can’t anyone in the clergy keep his dick in his pants?


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10 responses to “I like clerics, but this is getting embarassing

  1. “Clergy”? Anybody can start a religion and call themselves a church.

    Let’s ask ourselves: if a blogger were caught with child pornography, would the headline have read “Journalist faces child porn charges”? Of course not. The headline would have been “Blogger faces child porn charges”. The newspapers are eager to slander Christian churches by associating them with Spiritualist “churches” and the Westboro “Baptist Church”.

  2. AFW

    I’m not one to bash another person’s religion, especially when mine promotes celibacy and cannibalism and continues to have horrible problems eradicating criminal clergy, but is this guy really a minister? What is thanatology, religious science, theosophy, spiritualism and parapsychology? Any what minister charges $100/hour for their time? The following comes directly from his website:

    “Rev. Simeon offers appointments for private mediumistic sittings, at the Church, on Thursdays and Fridays (or Saturday morning, if necessary). You can schedule an appointment by calling him, at (203) 276-1759. Rev. Simeon does not do phone sittings.

    ~ Suggested fee for a 45-50 minute sitting is $75 ~
    ($25 of proceeds go to helping fund the Church)”

  3. plover

    my rod and my staff protect me

  4. dogwalker

    Nope. It’s an occupational hazard . . . offering closeness and comfort in a cold, cruel world. You’d have thought the spirits would have clued him in, though.

  5. Hu Nhu?

    Jesus is coming……….

  6. Anonymous

    A bit of anecdotal history for the Albertson Memorial Church of Spiritualism: the physical structure of this church used to be PCOG: Presbyterian Church of Old Greenwich which built a modern/larger structure around the corner back in the 60’s? The Albertson Memorial Church took over the wooden, white, New England looking building. Every Sunday, Bentleys, Mercedes, fancy cars would be lined along Sound Beach Avenue…all with out of state (NY) license plates. The draw of this new church of Spiritualism was that the pastor could talk to the dead: if your husband had died, e.g. he could reach out to him and talk to him during the service. It drew a huge crowd…..it looks like things have changed…..and now there is orange plastic roping around the Church.

  7. Anonymous

    “…what minister charges $100/hour for their time?”

    $100/ hour may sound like a lot, but Rev. Simeon offers a heavily discounted (and unadvertised) special rate for private sessions with troubled children. Plus, it’s a win-win situation: a portion of that fee (also unadvertised) goes to NAMBLA.

  8. The Duke of Deception

    Whenever the Duke writes a check to a friend he puts “NAMBLA dues” on the memo line. He thinks its HI-larious, his friend not so much.

  9. Chinatown

    so the Catholic Church is not alone in providing pedophile individuals to society. nice to know.