Hmm – some big contracts

36 Walsh Lane

36 Walsh Lane, Belle Haven, on the market since 2008 at $13,250,  is under contract.

80 Meadow Wood

As is 80 Meadow Wood, another Belle Haven home, asking $8.675. Great house.

252 Milbank

Even the downtown is seeing action, with this Milbank Avenue property, asking $5.9 million, going to contract.

And further down the food chain, Gerry Isaacson’s house on Willow Road in Riverside (next to the fountain) is under contract, too. I think he was asking around $1.6.


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4 responses to “Hmm – some big contracts

  1. Riverside Boy

    Wow! All of these contracts all of a sudden! I wonder if this is a new leaf for Greenwich and if real estate will continue to pick up.

  2. Kidding

    I believe all three of these houses have sellers who are VERY VERY motivated.
    Walsh – nice house, owners own a few nice houses so it makes sense to lighten up
    Meadow Wood – nice spec house by real estate broker – DEF needs to unload this
    Milbank – builder who overbuilt here an odd style for the street – needs to unload and should be thanking God he’s got someone on the hook. Leave a bottle of Dom when it closes in the fridge.

  3. Gideon Fountain

    Actually, the prices for these properties look pretty good…
    Walsh Lane: $10.4M (reportedly)
    Meadow Wood: $8.4M (reportedly)
    Milbank: $5M, exactly (and yes, that’s a record price for Milbank. Credit: Barbara Wells)

  4. WaitingToBuy

    Was walking by 252 Milbank yesterday and had a chance to see the new owners – judging by their accent they are “out-of-towners” from the UK and were just receiving their pet dog who was being held in quarantine. Figures – no local buyer would have paid that price.