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So who’s missing here?

Bullet holes put through Ronnie Lee Gardner

If this report is accurate, Ronnie Gardner was strapped to a chair, a 3″ target placed over his heart and four marksmen 25-feet away fired this pattern?


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I don’t understand World Cup soccer, but I guess we’re okay

I could certainly learn to like women's soccer

USA ties Slovakia, Slobeckistan, Slovenia  hell, maybe it was Ireland – after a late goal is disallowed. I don’t know – corrupt refs, players who fake injuries and an incomprehensible scoring system – but it seems to be popular in the rest of the world. Anyway, it seems we have to beat Algeria to keep going in this contest. Algeria?


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Franklin Bloomer denied entry to new Harry Potter ride

Terrible news, but he did get visit the llamas.

Jeff Guillaume of Lansing, Michigan,[an alias,obviously – Ed] who in 2002 founded an early online Harry Potter news aggregator and fan site HPANA.com, said fans like him will be disappointed because of limitations on body size to ride the Forbidden Journey.

At 5 feet, 8 inches and 265 pounds (1.72 meters and 119 kg), Guillaume said his mid-section would not allow the restraint system to close, so he could not board the most heavily promoted ride. He said some other rides include special cars for larger guests.

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What are we doing to ourselves?

From reader / contractor Duff:

I attended an EPA mandated class for contractors on Lead Safe Practices last week.

Anyone owning a home built before 1978 can expect to pay 25% more for a renovation thanks to the arduous task now being levied on contractors thanks to the EPA. The set-up to change a piece of molding on your pre 1978 window will take 3 hours prior to picking up a tool.

The fine for not following their rules……. $35,000

Obummer may think this kind of nonsense creates “green” jobs, but really, a homeowner faced with a renovation fee like this will probably just forego the job. Unlike his government, homeowners don’t have access to a printing press.


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The EPA and Congress are getting ready to kill your car, lawnmower and boat engine

The 15% ethanol mandate moves forward. If your car was manufactured before 2006, or you own anything powered by a small engine, you’re screwed. But hey, it helps corn farmers.


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