I don’t understand World Cup soccer, but I guess we’re okay

I could certainly learn to like women's soccer

USA ties Slovakia, Slobeckistan, Slovenia  hell, maybe it was Ireland – after a late goal is disallowed. I don’t know – corrupt refs, players who fake injuries and an incomprehensible scoring system – but it seems to be popular in the rest of the world. Anyway, it seems we have to beat Algeria to keep going in this contest. Algeria?


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14 responses to “I don’t understand World Cup soccer, but I guess we’re okay

  1. You can't handle the truth


    1. Its SLOVENIA; and

    2. lets not discuss corrupt refs…they’re everywhere..

    BTW, the USA were lucky to get the draw..they were down 0-2 earlier in match.

    Now try not to say anything more…the whole world is watching the World Cup…sshhh

  2. Teri Buhl

    You always know how to tell a story with a photo Chris – but what about your female readers? A shot of Landon (USA 1st goal scorer) walking the field with his top off would have been a great shot.

  3. Everyday Whinge

    Not everyone is watching soccer. There are a few of us Golf Nuts in the crowd. At least there aren’t any vuvuzelas at Pebble Beach. Just the occasional idiot who yells “in the hole.”

    • Everday, I liked to watch golf when Tiger Woods was so great (2000?) and i thought he was a great guy. Them when I learned he wasn’t a great guy, I figured, “okay, he’s still a great golfer”. Now that he sucks at that too, I don’t watch.

  4. Cobra

    Just watched a video of the US “third goal.” We was robbed! As bad as the blown call by the ump that prevented Detroit’s Galarraga from getting a perfect game a couple of weeks ago.

    I agree, Chris, watching this World Cup is a boring waste of time, especially when corrupted by incompetent refs. I’d rather watch replays of Ronnie Lee Gardner’s execution.

  5. Everyday Whinge

    Chris, I agree @ Tiger….the guy double bogeyed his own life. I like to watch the old timers, like Tom Watson. He makes the game look so easy. If I could blink myself anywhere today, it’d be to Pebble Beach.

  6. out looking in

    Sucks? Really Chris….how about- in a rut? Maybe his career as the tour’s superman is over, but he still can play a mean game of golf. I remember when the Golden Bear stopped winning every other major- it actually made the game interesting.

    And Teri,

    Chris is definitely an equal opportunity photo guy. I’ve seen enough sausage and ass crack on this site to make me shield my eyes when I log on…

  7. Walt

    Dudester –
    Ms Teri McBeal is in da HOUSE!!! And she is prancing with you Dude. She is asking for a photo of some USA soccer dude no one ever heard of ? Yeah, right. What she really wants is a shot of YOU, Dude!!
    Burt Reynolds. Cosmo Style. Go lay out on the back porch. On top of the railing. Don’t fall off, you load. If you don’t have chest hair, rub on some vaseline, then pour coffee grinds on top of that. It will look great.
    Remember to cross your legs. That is important Dude, so don’t screw that up. Hold up a sign saying “Do you think I’m sexy?” Put your phone number on the bottom. And say CALL ME!!
    Ask Mom to snap the picture. If she freaks out, tell Little Dude to do it. Promise him 5%, then just stiff him. He is family, so he can deal with it.
    Post it on the blog. Sit back and relax. She will call. You little vixen.
    Your Pal,

  8. Peg

    If you want to watch THE sport of the brain, you can do it tomorrow. The United States is selecting its representative for international competition in Chicago this week. I’m leaving to photograph the festivities in an hour – and it can all be seen online starting tomorrow afternoon.

    Something truly worth your time!

  9. Pete

    I just watched Woods shoot a 66 at Pebble to get into third place at the open. Maybe you can watch again.

  10. Socceroo

    Not like soccer? You sound like an ugly American! Your comments usually reflect a higher level of intelligence (but I did like your picture).

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