The EPA and Congress are getting ready to kill your car, lawnmower and boat engine

The 15% ethanol mandate moves forward. If your car was manufactured before 2006, or you own anything powered by a small engine, you’re screwed. But hey, it helps corn farmers.


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14 responses to “The EPA and Congress are getting ready to kill your car, lawnmower and boat engine

  1. fred2

    It’s become my mantra, feel free to use it:

    Please, make the stupid stop, already.

  2. According to the guy at the shop that services my mower and snowblower they regularly see damage from gas that already has way more than 10% alcohol. The oil companies are blending it in at higher levels whenever it saves them money to do so.

  3. duff

    I attended an EPA mandated class for contractors on Lead Safe Practices last week.

    Anyone owning a home built before 1978 can expect to pay 25% more for a renovation thanks to the arduous task now being levied on contractors thanks to the EPA. The set-up to change a piece of molding on your pre 1978 window will take 3 hours prior to picking up a tool.

    The fine for not following their rules……. 35,000

  4. Anon

    So based on erroneous beliefs about the “green” characteristics of ethanol, the environ wackos/tree huggers are working to obsolete the generators needed to deal with the annual blackouts caused by old, decrepit trees (which the same wackos won’t let you maintain/remove) falling on our power lines every time there is a modest amount of wind?

    Pure genius.

    Scary thing is that a good portion of the population would likely support the idea due to their ignorance and desire to feel like they are making a difference.

    Nation of fools from the top down.

  5. cos cobber

    thanks Duff, you just imploded my renovation plans.

    on the mower front. i have been using one of those simple new electric push mowers. they are really quiet and charge up overnight. it can only mow about 1/3 of an acre or hr of mowing. its light and quiet though and perfect for small lawns.

  6. Old Coot

    Shame on you folks…don’t you know that “It’s For The Children”?

  7. Cobra

    I worry about ethanol’s effect on older/vintage car engines. I’m told that fuel lines, gaskets, and some gas tanks, etc., will be seriously damaged by these scam additives. After the initial jubilation on the left when ethanol was thought to be the solution to all our problems, I hoped that reality would sober it’s delusional supporters. It is my understanding that the cost to refine ethanol, the energy used in the process, render this additive more costly than good old gasoline and requires more fuel (MPG) to obtain the same degree of energy when combusted in one’s engines, regardless of age.

    Gullible lizards appear to be winning the day on this POS fraud.

  8. Anon

    It may make you a conspiracy theorist but it doesn’t mean you are wrong.

    When you connect the dots between the people making the decisions, the Alinsky tactics that they adhere to like a religion, the organizations that they have been been associated with, the beliefs and objectives of these parties, etc., it clearly suggests that much of what is happening is intended and part of the plan.

    Deride that view now, if you want, but we’ll all have to deal with the consequences of our acquiescence later. Hopefully it won’t be too late at that point.

  9. w b h

    I’ve heard that the ethanol fortified gasoline acts as a solvent for integral fiberglass fuel tanks in boats.

  10. pulled up in OG

    “GRIST is an environmental blog that hits number nine on the countdown and according to Waterman, if you enter “ethanol” in the search button, you will find more than 1,100 entries, not including comments, that are 100% negative. He also mentions that this blog carries a lot of weight with the environmental community and that they could easily be ranked higher than number nine.”

    Greenies, or ADM?

    How cash and corporate pressure pushed ethanol to the fore

  11. IDAHO

    Can’t get away from the ethanol lunacy even in backwoods Idaho!

  12. Towny

    The only thing ethanol is good for, is drinking.

    Why r they only testing the new 15% blend in autos that are 2007 and newer?

    Why no test’s in older vehicles, 2 and 4 stroke outboard motors, ect ect.