Do you know the definition of laches?

Three years of planning, public hearings, traffic studies, etc., the expansion of North Mianus School’s parking lot is set to begin in two weeks and suddenly, “concerned mothers” are up in arms that some trees will be removed. I think that the new lot will improve the mess in front of the school at let-out time, when mommies pile up on the street waiting their turn to get in, but regardless, you can’t (or shouldn’t be allowed to) sit on your rights for years while a public project is made and then try to stop those plans. You snooze, you lose, both under the law and in the world at large.


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8 responses to “Do you know the definition of laches?

  1. Anonymous

    don’t ya know for NIMBYs, it’s never ever over.

  2. anon

    kids should walk or bike to school, not be chauffeured around in SUVs.

    is there any other way to see this?

  3. Anonymous

    walking and biking to school work for old greenwich. i would not let my kids bike or walk on the mid-country or back country roads. narrow, winding, and self-absorbed moms and dads driving fast while on cell phones. we’d lose a kid a week without busing.

  4. cos cobber

    back to real estate. a few new listings out lately include 60 Loughlin Ave in Cos Cob for 895k. What do you think of this one? .40 acres for 895k. the house is in decent shape, tax accessed value somewhere around $1M. the house went to the MLS already under contract.

  5. cos cobber

    In other real estate matters: I see that renovated house at 65 Dandy Drive with 1 acre closed at 1,575,000 when I guessed 1,495,000 (back on 4/29)….so not too shabby.

  6. anonymous

    60 loughlin is an insider sale….not a distressed sale and the word is that they put it on the MLS to push the sale along.