Did you hear the one about the nonogenarian who wanted to get it on with the cute 85-year-old widower??

Well I have, but this being a family-sort-of-blog, I can’t recount it here. The punch line is, “Parkinson’s Disease”. Great joke, but if you want it in full, you’ll have to call on Jeremy Kaye. You could also retain him to buy or sell your house, while you’re at it. (Or you could design him a proper website, instead of the crappy one he and Jevora must have found in a dumpster on Greenwich Avenue, Good Lord, my friend!)

But there was no such delicacy exhibited today at the Greenwich Senior Center in a presentation entitle “Love Among the Ruins” and given by Greenwich Health Department’s Tom Mahoney.

Now it’s been said that, as a sex expert, Tom is a hellofa soccer referee,  but apparently he had the old dears jiggling in their wheelchairs looking just like the Jello being served them for lunch. He told jokes, he made funny balloon puppets from condoms and served a naughty cake for dessert.

The seniors  loved it but of course, it will all have been forgotten by tomorrow.


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4 responses to “Did you hear the one about the nonogenarian who wanted to get it on with the cute 85-year-old widower??

  1. dogwalker

    Well, you know, these guys evidently need to be educated! Did you know that the greatest increases in some STDs are among seniors? Senior housing does have it’s merits, but those condo Casanovas are spreading more than good cheer!

  2. Anthony Fountain

    Their reaction to some ageing hippie strumming a guitar is exactly the same as mine.

  3. leatrice fountain

    Thanks a lot. I’ll push you harder next time

    Old New Dealer

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