Has Bernie Madoff really stashed away $9 billion?

So says a fellow inmate, and if you can’t trust a con then who can you believe? Supposedly, friends are hiding it for him and if so, I might want to make a late night visit to the Noel household on Round Hill Road and do some digging in the flower garden. But I wonder how much good even $9 billion will do a person after 150 years.


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8 responses to “Has Bernie Madoff really stashed away $9 billion?

  1. Rio Dinero

    I suspect Noel and company was more than just a feeder. With Noel’s Europe and South American contacts, not to mention friendship with Robert Douglas who worked in Luxenbourg for years, the Madoff cash is well hidden through the Noel-Tucker mattress plan. The biggest feeder fund…more like the biggest money hider.

    No wonder Noel is SO eager to settle-there is FAR more money that will be undiscovered thanks to Madoff. Check generations later-the Noel’s and Madoff discendent’s will be inhabitants of clubs worldwide over the next 50 years.

  2. Inagua

    If Bernie had access to that kind of money he wouldn’t be in prison, and Ruth wouldn’t be living the way she is.

  3. Just the Facts!

    It’s stashed in Israel….with U.S. help. How can $7 Bln just evaporate from the modern banking system when you and I need fill out major documents when transferring more than $10K at the bank. And check out those former “friends” who are supposedly helping him stash these funds and see their proximity to Israel….Elie Wiesel, Larry Silverstein, Paul Konigsberg, Irving Picard, Christen Schnor (Suicide – 12-20-08), Jeffrey Picower (found dead in his pool – 10-26-09), and the list goes on….

  4. Jimbo

    People who don’t think Bernie has money hidden away, are the same people who believe a lot of his victims were wiped out.

    Bernie and his victims were too clever to have all their eggs in one basket. But in both their cases it makes sense to cry “wipe-out.” For Bernie it gets the Feds off his back. For his victims it brought special sympathy and tax breaks.

    Also, I imagine his sons are hiding some of his money. What better cover than to say they are totally estranged and completely disapprove of his actions?

  5. Greenwich Gal

    But, Inagua, if he does, in fact, have money stashed – it can’t appear that way at all. If ever. Don’t you think people are watching her actions and spending VERY closely?
    I imagine this money is deep inside Swiss banks and won’t be seen for generations.

  6. Foreign Funds

    I know these guys weren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer but it would have been so easy to hide $2 to $5 million per year in banks or foreign companies buried under the names of different companies.
    I’d guess Ruthie and/or the bumbling sons will start taking extended vacations abroad in a couple of years once it cools down a bit.
    For the Noels it would have been even easier as they were taking money from all corners of the planet and exposed to all the cracks in the system.

  7. Heather

    Nine Billion? For nine billion Bernie could buy the whole state of North Carolina…including the prison he is staying in there. Still, nothing about Walt and the Fillies having to fork over anything….the courts move slowly. No doubt the cocktails are cold down in Mustique…..enjoy them while you can Walt!