How not to advance your career

Do these handcuffs make me look fat?

New Haven traffic reporter and “personality” arrested for shoplifting at local Sears store.

MILFORD — WTNH-News Channel 8 television personality Desiree Fontaine, who brings viewers morning traffic reports and hosts CT Style, has been charged by police with shoplifting at Sears, police and other sources confirmed Sunday.

Fontaine, 33, was charged Saturday with sixth-degree larceny, meaning an item worth $500 or less was stolen. Police said Fontaine allegedly tried to take $104.98 worth of merchandise, but they would not release details.

Some Realtors’ careers have seemed to survive such embarrassment, but things could get difficult for this woman.


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8 responses to “How not to advance your career

  1. Alex H Haegler - Monica Noel's Rio Brother

    Monica Noel’s brother Alex Haegler got a degree in economics from Harvard, just like his famous brother-in-law Walter Noel did. Both lost millions with Madoff. Maybe Harvard forgot to teach a lesson in FRAUD, or Noel and Haegler didn’t show up to this class at Harvard.

  2. Jimbo

    Realtors know to do it out-of-state.

  3. You might be referring to the agent who used to be with William Pitt and allegedly took household items at open houses. And she was personally fired by Mr. Pitt….and is now employed by another large realtor..

  4. ducoff

    heard a certain greenwich ‘large fish’ broker got nabbed a few years back for such a thing, except she was taking from the houses…any truth to that one?

    • I heard the same rumor and supposedly it was the same agent who was nabbed with stolen designer dresses in the trunk of her Lexus. Still, while the technique worked for he, I wouldn’t recommend it for we little people.

  5. Old School Grump

    How do you emcee a “Style Show” AND shop/shoplift at Sears? Isn’t that inherently contradictory? That conflict should enable her to get off on some sort of mental health angle. Perhaps her confused state was caused by the chemicals involved in whitening all 400 of those teeth.

    • No no, Old School, the New Haven traffic reporter was busted for stealing from Sears, the Greenwich real estate agent was busted for stealing at he White Plains Mall and it was she who is rumored to have been stealing from Greenwich open houses. If this last item is true, and I have no evidence it is, then I’m sure she stole only high-quality items in the very best of taste.