I’d still prefer to see him hanged, but at least he saved us a couple of $ million in trial costs

Times Square bomber pleads guilty to all charges, will probably get life in prison.


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4 responses to “I’d still prefer to see him hanged, but at least he saved us a couple of $ million in trial costs

  1. Anonymous

    But he’s only 30 years old. Won’t the cost of keeping him alive for the rest of his miserable life, plus the expense to the taxpayers of his likely many years of legal maneuvering, despite his guilty plea, pretty much cancel out the savings you cite? And what if he needs a heart transplant or develops some other costly condition?

    Looks to me like a wash, at best.

  2. pulled up in OG

    Seven weeks, start to finish!! All in favor of that military tribunal . . .

  3. Anonymous

    Your headline should have been, “Justice system works; conservatives who insisted on unconstitutional military justice look like fools.”

    Welcome back.

  4. Helsa Poppin

    He didn’t actually kill or even hurt anybody. So why life in prison? Not because people could have been terribly hurt, otherwise every attempted murder would result in life in prison. It’s because of his thought-crime of terrorism – which is a crime not just against individuals but against the state. The state is punishing him for attacking the state, not for attacking people. The former is deemed a much more serious crime than the latter.

    He is scum and deserves permanent incarceration, but I have to note that other scum, like rapists and child molesters, usually receive much less than a life sentence, and they have done actual harm to actual people. But the against-the-state aspects of their crimes are side effects rather than the intent of the crime, so they needn’t be punished as harshly as the guy who plants some damp squib bombs and then freely admits that his intention was terrorism. It is notable that he fully confessed to everything and is still getting life in prison. For most crimes, full confessions are deemed cooperating with the authorities and merit a reduction in sentence, but here, his confession is actually a statement of belief that his actions were justified, giving him the opportunity to make further accusations and statements of hatred against this country, compounding his thought-crime and necessitating the maximum punishment short of death.