Light posting today.

I was ill over the weekend, culminating with my passing out, falling down a few stairs and splitting my forehead. I got up, assured my mother, who had rushed from her office when she heard the crash, that I was okay, then collapsed on her, knocking her down and bruising her ribs.  A few minutes later I tried walking and fell down again, this time breaking my finger. Etc., etc, twice more.

The fainting seems to have passed and Ma seems sore, but alright, but I have to address the finger break, which hurts like hell and is looking pretty ugly today. So it’s off to the doctor, or worse, if he doesn’t have X-ray equipment (do GPs still have x-ray equipment?) the Greenwich Hospital, which will doubtless consume most of the morning. Typing is definitely slowed down with this finger too, damn it.


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29 responses to “Light posting today.

  1. duff

    Sorry to hear your under the weather Chris.

    Well at least there is world cup Soccer for you to indulge in while you rest up.

  2. Cobra

    Hope you get better soon, Chris! Perhaps Walt would be willing to sit in for you until you’ve healed.

  3. Anonymous

    very sorry to hear of your medical issues. your intelligent and provocative postings were missed. i wish you a full and speedy recovery. and, if that yellow lab should need care during your illness, i would be happy to do all that is needed.

  4. Demmerkrat Patriot

    I’d be careful with random passing out …. sometimes that’s a sign of another medical issue.

    Besides, you can let Fuddrucker post for you today ….

  5. West

    Hope you feel better.

  6. just_looking

    Drink more water. It cures a lot of ailments.

  7. Chimney

    I recently slipped and fell, resulting in a concussion- not fun! Six weeks later I’m still a little weak and tire easily, but improve a little each day. You probably will get a CT scan rather than an x-ray- it’s quick and painless. Let me know if you would like any info about recovery and what you can expect.

  8. Retired IB'er

    Ditto on hope you feel better and don’t ignore the passing out as “I was just ill”. Nothing to be gained, and much to be lost, by manning up on an issue like that…

  9. You can't handle the truth

    I had a similar experience several years ago abroad. Turns out it was stress related. Be well my friend.

  10. not so anonymous

    I am shocked.. That’s serious crap you are having to deal with. So,so sorry and hugs and stuff…

  11. Doctor Doctor

    I prescribe an appointment wirth Nurse Betty to kiss your booboo – that should cure everything that ails you!!! 🙂

  12. gmom

    Hope you are feeling better!
    Any idea what the plans are for 10 Sherwood Ave? There is a meeting tonight for the community to hear about it but no one will even hint as to what they are or why they need to be shared with the community before going public.

  13. Old School Grump

    I hope that GP runs all kinda tests, and then finds out you’re okay, maybe you were just dehydrated or something. Feel better!

  14. aliprowl

    Scotch cures just about anything, if you drink enough of it. And if you fall down, you won’t care.

  15. pulled up in OG

    Sounds like Dustin Johnson on the front nine yesterday.

  16. Anthony Fountain

    …do GPs still have x-ray equipment?

    Reminds me of when I took a tumble while skiing at Killington and checked in with the resident doc in the lodge. He did have an x-ray machine and on it was a Dymo label that read “Mercedes Benz 350 SL” (which should give you an idea how long ago this was). I asked him the meaning of it and he replied: “The bucks I spent on that x-ray machine is what I was going to spend on my new car.”

  17. The Duke of Deception

    Late to the party, but best wishes from the Duke!

  18. JimP

    Get better soon Chris! I’ve enjoyed your postings for quite some time now.

  19. Wishing & Hoping

    Hope you feel better and they can find out what is going on…

    take care of yourself!

  20. out looking in

    Sorry to hear of this. I hope you are fine and that your mother is as well. But if you split your head open on the stairs, imagine what condition they are in!! I know a good carpenter…who loves ya!!

  21. Mr. Independent

    I hope that the newer posts mean that you are feeling better, but not that you postponed seeing your doc.

    Greenwich real estate can wait for a day or 2.

  22. Jane

    Will you give us an update on the medical condition when you are mended? Take good care.

  23. Jane

    And if you went to GH, let us know how the experience was.

  24. Last Liberal Standing


    Sorry you and your mom had a falling out. Hurry and get your finger fixed so you can resume giving it to my ilk. 🙂

  25. Walt

    Dude –
    I hope you really didn’t just fall off the porch when you were posing for your Burt Reynolds/Cosmo shot. I would feel terrible.
    But passing out is pretty serious too. So go see a doctor. And not one you sold a house to within the last 10 years. Trust me on that.
    And the finger? Just keep it out of your ass, and it will be fine. Be well.
    Your Pal,

  26. Donato Loscalzo

    That was worrying, Chris. Do take care of yourself…..passing out like that is not something to take lightly. All the best.

  27. Cos Cobber

    Very late to the party. I hope you are doing much better today. This world needs you.

  28. Anonymous

    Sorry you were not feeling well. take care of yourself and hope you feel better soon.