Okay, I still don’t understand soccer

How can a tie game be considered a miracle for one of the teams? New Zealand made one lucky goal seven minutes into the game, and then held on, never making another shot again! Result, New Zealand 1, Italy 1, and New Zealand is delirious with joy. Whatever. I very much enjoyed playing the game when I was in junior high school, but I played mostly pick-up games, and played until dark on St. Paul Riverside’s field. I’ve yet to enjoy watching soccer on television, but I suppose I’ll try it again. Seven billion people can’t all be wrong.


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7 responses to “Okay, I still don’t understand soccer

  1. Harvard won over Yale 29-29 in Nov. 1968. You had to be there in Cambridge to watch them score 16 points in the last minute of the game.

    • I do remember that game, Nathan, though in my Yale family (not me, my father, class of ’27) we saw it as a loss. But you’re quite right – a tie can be exciting. I stand corrected.

  2. Anonymous

    The excitement is two-fold. First, because the “kiwi’s” dont have a professional football (soccer) league. And second because sheep outnumber people by 13:1.

  3. CatRocker

    Assume that a baseball game finishes after 9 innings, so a draw is possible. Imagine the Bridgeport Bluefish holding the Yankees (current “World” champions) at 1-1 in front of a billion TV viewers…..now do you get it? Bridgeport parties would be pretty wild 🙂

  4. Alex H Haegler - Is Monica Noel's Brazilian Brother Another Blumenthal

    Hey check if this is true. Haegler a tennis Captain at Harvard?


  5. MikeT

    Do you understand soccer today?

    If you didn’t see the US beat Algeria live you should watch a replay of the game. Amazing stuff.

    • Damn it, Mike, I really did want to see that game, and I will watch the replay. As I’ve said here before, I loved playing the game as a boy, but couldn’t get into watching it, later. But I will certainly give it a another try.