Pedophile Priest’s Perversions Prevented

Albertson Memorial Church, Old Greenwich

The child pornographer minister ( or would that be the minister of child pornography?) at Albertson Memorial Church, a “spiritualist” church that believes in table knocking and Ouija boards, remains in prison while his congregation ponders what to do. Sounds like the man has found, or will soon find, a new vocation, which is probably wise, but I did like this comment from one of the Eight Ball readers:

The church will be using visiting ministers to replace Stefanidakis. and on Sunday Rev. Kathy Rotino, pastor First Spiritualist Church Of Willimantic, led services on Sunday.

She said her message wasn’t any different than her regular sermons.

“Spiritualists deal in reality.”

Uh huh.

Which reminds me of another great joke, again undoubtedly told me by Jeremy Kaye:

A guy comes home from work and finds his girlfriend, bags packed, just exiting their apartment.

“Hey, where you going?” he asks.

“I’m leaving you”

“But why? What did I do?

“I’ve found out what you are. Who you are. You disgust me.”

“Huh? What am I? Who do you think I am?”

“You’re a, you’re a pedophile!

Long pause, then the man speaks:

“Pedophile – that’s a big word for  six-year-old.”


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8 responses to “Pedophile Priest’s Perversions Prevented

  1. No doubt Jeremy “really appreciates” the recognition. Hopefully he won’t be placed under surveillance as a result of your off-handed attribution. Better call Phil.

  2. Old School Grump

    The story I want to know is … How did this “church” make its way to acquire this choice piece of real estate? When I moved to NYC after college ( a bazillion years ago), I learned quickly that whatever it is you are trying to learn, you need to know the money trail to understand the situation. No way around that. So, what gives?

    P.S., enjoyed the alliteration in the headline.

  3. The Duke of Deception

    Ah yes — Romantic Willimantic.

    At a site-by site meeting some years ago we took a vote on the biggest s*#thole in the state:

    Willimantic won 12-0.

  4. Anonymous

    Shades of Bob Tate and his all-too-many local pedophile, embezzling papist priest-pals: so many of them in recent memory that it makes my head swim.

    May they all rot in hell.

  5. dogwalker

    Old School Grump, At the time Albertson Memorial acquired the property (early 70s?), it was nowhere as choice as it might be today. They were taking over an existing church building. In those days, the only things that got torn down were edifices that would otherwise be condemned. (Well, that is a bit of an exaggeration.) And I don’t know what zoning restrictions might have restricted the field of potential buyers.

  6. Way Up Valley

    Having known and worked with Jeremy for about 35 years I am very concerned about these jokes.

    Jeremy, why have you never told ME this stuff???

    Then again, he’s known my mom longer, so I may have answered my own question.

  7. Old School Grump

    Thanks, dogwalker at 8:26, that was helpful to me.