Tuesday open house tour

900 Lake Avenue is a 1790 house that was beautifully and tastefully expanded and renovated in 2006. Two acres, a great site for a pool and five bedrooms. I hate to describe it as the perfect weekend house because that implies it’s not suitable for full-time living, which in fact it is. But it’s a few minutes north of the Merritt and I could see a couple of New Yorker types zipping up the Hutch and enjoying the place. Asking $3.875 million.

11 Winding Lane is some of the finest land I’ve seen in a while, certainly in “The Golden Triangle”. 2.94 acres, most of which are meadows or beautiful formal gardens, a pool, and all far enough removed from Lake Avenue to escape traffic noise. The only fly in the ointment is its price, $7.9 million (assessment is $3.603). The owner claims she doesn’t have to sell and she’s proven that by keeping it on the market for years now, unsold. Sigh. But it is sweet land. The house is a tear-down, for most buyers.


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6 responses to “Tuesday open house tour

  1. Anonymous

    Though didn’t nearby “good” RHR land recently trade for a mere $1MM an acre?
    Pesky comparables…

  2. Dan

    Looking at the bird’s eye on bing for 11 Winding… is that a care taker’s house at the end of the dirt road on the property? Did you get to walk it as well?

  3. Everyday Whinge

    True story: I had my car at New Country Audi last week. A woman next in line was dropping her car off too and asked for a ride home. She said Lake Avenue at Upper Cross. The receptionist called the driver and said: “you’ll be gone a really long time with this ride, Joe. She practically lives in New York.”

  4. Cos Cobber

    the people at new country audi are complete idiots. everytime i need ride to a location about a 1.5 miles from the dealership they are completely dumbfounded; ‘is that in connecticut?’ i dont care to reveal where, but trust me if you live in town you know where this place is. they dont have a clue there on many matters and it shows.

  5. Dan

    Thanks Chris. That sounds killer. What a shame about the price although they certainly aren’t alone in this town…